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Imagine a world where women are considered property.
A tale of a woman’s journey to complete surrender.

On an impulse, Annabelle signs over her rights for six months to become a submissive woman on a remote island where women are considered property and are auctioned off upon arrival. She had always wondered what it would be like to surrender herself so completely and decides it’s time to give in to her deepest desires. She didn’t fully understand what she was stepping into but she knew she would never be the same.

Sweet Surrender is a 73,000 word standalone romance that is also part of a three book series. No cliffhangers.



Annabelle had given up everything to come to the island where women are considered property and where she could give into her deepest desire to completely surrender. She never expected to fall in love with her owner’s brother Luke. 

She had given everything to him except her commitment to renew her six month contract that’s up in two weeks. Torn between the decision to return to a normal life back home or to stay with the man she loves, Annabelle must make the decision that will change her life forever.

Sweet Submission – The Island Series Book Two is a continuation of Sweet Surrender – The Island Series Book One. You will want to read book one before continuing with book two. 

Although not for the faint of heart, both books one and two deal with the exploration of one woman’s desire to surrender to her submissive impulses. Both books contain happily ever afters with no cliffhangers. Book two wraps up the story started in book one but book one could be read on its own..



Now that Luke and Annabelle have become a couple, Riley wonders where that leaves her in their relationship. Suddenly she feels like a third wheel and wonders what her future will look like on the island if she decides to stay. 

While silently lusting after one of the trainers at the facility, Riley’s world turns upside down when one of the less than desirable potential investors of the island sets their sights on her. She’s torn between giving in to her true submissive desires and accepting being sold off to him or leaving the island forever.

Sweet Obedience is book three in The Island Series. It can be read alone but will be much more enjoyable if you start with book one.

Although not for the faint of heart, all books in The Island Series deal with the exploration of women surrendering to their submissive impulses. All books contain happy ever afters with no cliffhangers.