give into it, he whispered into my ear, making me shiver with anticipation. there had been a lot of build-up to this day, to this moment, and it was finally here. he was finally going to give me my wish, my every desire.

i blushed at the thought as he eased the straps of my dress off my shoulders until it fell to the floor. he had blindfolded me before we entered the house, masking me in darkness, causing all my other senses to heighten. i felt the cool air against my bare skin, my nipples hardening at being on full display. i had no idea who else was in the space and i knew i shouldn’t care. i trusted him completely to keep me safe. i knew these were all his friends, all part of his exclusive club, and they all knew the rules of the night.

he tweaked a nipple and then the other, sending little jolts of pleasure through my body and to my pussy. i was wet the moment i stepped out of the car but my arousal had begun to build with every moment, with every anticipation.

my heart hammered as i heard him step away. the room was quiet except for a soothing jazz melody playing, helping to quiet my nerves. i could feel movement. i knew others were around me, their energy bouncing off me like electrodes. 

i shivered at the thought of multiple eyes on me, taking me in, judging, observing. i was bare in front of them, like a gift, an offering. he had told me this was the only way for me to join. i needed to be sacrificed first.

i swallowed as i waited, the moments building on each other.

a hand ran over my bare ass before caressing it, kneading it, feeling it. the fingers snaked between my legs from behind, finding my wetness, my sweet spot, and diving in. i automatically leaned forward at the intrusion only to bump into hard warm muscle in front of me. hands grasped my shoulders as if to brace me while the fingers explored deeper, pushing in, feeling every part of me.

she’s positively dripping, a male voice said from behind me. i assumed it belonged to the fingers that had pulled out, leaving me empty. she’s going to be a fun one.

i blushed at the comment as the hands on my shoulders straightened me back up. 

i could feel them circling, like vultures, ready to devour their prey. i was to be eaten alive by them, savored and enjoyed, for their pleasure only, and i couldn’t wait for the feast to begin.

more hands found their way to me, across my back, down my ass, pulling at my nipples. all of a sudden it was more hands than i could count, overwhelming me, causing my head to spin. they caressed and smacked, pinched and pulled on the nipples, ran fingers over every inch of my exposed skin. more fingers found their way to my pussy, several at once, fighting for access before two or more fingers slipped in then others trying to join them, stretching me out. 

hands steadied me, keeping me standing, while the fingers explored. 

a mouth captured one breast, sucking and pulling, before another mouth sucked in the other. someone bit my ass, sucking, while the fingers started to work their way in and out of me, building up a steady rhythm that my body started to ride. they knew exactly where to apply pressure, causing my arousal to build, pressure building deep inside me, wanting to escape, wanting to release.

i held it all back, knowing better, knowing that this was only the beginning. stay on edge, he had warned me, for as long as you can. it will make things easier for you. if you peak too soon, they will not relent. hold back. it’s for your own good.

i repeated his words in my mind as the pressure increased, threatening to take over me, threatening to spill.