I’m laying in bed with nothing on, my naked body brushed up against the sheets, wishing I was brushed up against you. Your arm lazily around me as I rest my head on your shoulder, smiling up at you.

Our eyes connected as we talk about our day, about life, about all the things we want to do moving forward. The lights are dim and the night is quiet. There’s nothing but us and this moment. My leg is over yours.

You trace your fingers over the small of my back, dipping them lower until you cup my ass, pulling me more further into you. My body grazes your growing cock and you give me a knowing look and a little smile. I smile back as I grind myself gently into you, the softness of my center finding the smooth tip of your hardening cock.

You roll me on my back and slip easily into me. I open myself to you as you sink in, filling me completely while your eyes stay locked on mine, a self satisfied smile on your lips. I let out a groan as you start to move slowly in and out of me, taking your time, knowing you have me, that I’m yours, and we have all night.

My pussy automatically squeezes around your cock, gripping you, coaxing you in deeper, needing you in the worst way. You watch my reaction to you, never tiring of how much I respond to you, how much my body is in perfect harmony with yours. My eyes catch yours as I groan again, panting, as you pick up the pace, moving in deeper with each thrust, claiming me, making me yours.

I grip on to you, my hands at your shoulders, my legs wrapped around your waist, needing all of you buried so deep inside me. I’m insatiable for you and you know it. You smile at me again as you really start to drill me, pumping in and out at a quicker pace, a slick sheen of perspiration across your chest, our bodies sliding up and down against each other.

I cry out as I come, my whole body convulsing around you, making you lose it as you empty yourself inside me, our eyes locked onto each other’s the whole time, witnessing all of it. Seeing everything.

You hold your cock inside me, deep, as every last bit of you seeps into me. I squeeze around you, holding you there, needing you there. You kiss me. I kiss you back. Our lips saying everything words cannot.

You slowly slip out after several moments, pulling me on top of you as you roll on your back, curling me into you. You kiss my forehead and tell me to sleep. And then I finally do.