i’m a contemporary erotic romance writer who explores the concept that women are happier submitting to men. most of the writing you’ll find here explore this theme. i push boundaries in my writing and know it’s not for everyone.


in bed

I’m laying in bed with nothing on, my naked body brushed up against the sheets, wishing I was...

give into it

give into it, he whispered into my ear, making me shiver with anticipation. there had been a lot...

the escape

the mist started to lift as she ran through the forest, her breath heavy, her steps light. she...

the blindfold

he tightened the blindfold around her eyes, blocking out the chaos of the room. “this will help,”...

bar meeting

she walked in the door and smiled as soon as she spotted him. he was sitting in the far corner...


she gave up everything she had. she knew it was the right choice but it still scared the crap out...

Imagine a world where women are considered property.

Sweet Surrender

The Island Series – Book One

Sweet Submission

The Island Series – Book Two

Sweet Obedience

The Island Series – Book Three

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