i am sad to announce that the erotic inner circle as we know it will be ending effective january 31, 2023. i received a very important email this week from the platform provider informing me that they’re no longer supporting their basic (free) plan. they invited me to upgrade to their next level which starts at $599/month so, needless to say, that’s not happening.

if you’re already part of this amazing community and want to save anything from the circle, be sure to do so before january 31, 2023. otherwise, it will be wiped out with no ability to reclaim it.

i loved having a unique private space for my community to connect and share ideas. i’m in the process of researching other community platforms so if you have any ideas, please let me know in the comments below. also if you’re interested in this type of inclusive kinky community, let me know below. part of me wonders if it’s worth doing with so many other wonderful kinky resources already available.

if you would like to be informed when i form this new community as well as stay up to date (weekly) on what’s happening with me, be sure to sign up for my kinky ink press vip tribe. you’ll also save loads of money on all my products and receive some free kinky goodies.

sometimes things need to end for new things to begin. i think there be a lot of new beginnings in 2023. i’m looking forward to it.