Writing isn’t always easy. I’ve gotten into doing 10 minutes of freewriting, which I call play writing, to help me to get into the flow of writing. I thought it’d be fun to share them with you. Keep in mind that these are very raw and unedited. If you ever read one you’d like to see more of that story, please comment to let me know. These usually don’t develop into anything but you never know. I wrote the Island Series starting out this way.

bar meeting

she walked in the door and smiled as soon as she spotted him. he was sitting in the far corner away from all the action, a smirk on his face. she knew by the nearly empty drink sitting in front of him that he had been waiting a while. she liked that. she liked the...


she gave up everything she had. she knew it was the right choice but it still scared the crap out of her. she knew there was no going back. she had signed over her rights, given up everything she owned and burned a few bridges in the process. she had nothing to go...

meeting at the bar

she stepped into the bar unsure what to expect. she held her breath as she looked around, almost not wanting to see him there. there was something about him that intrigued her, that made her think naughty thoughts, that made her want to push boundaries and she wasn’t...

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