Want to fully surrender to your submissive tendencies?

Surprise your Master/lover/boyfriend/husband with this super kinky and salacious Submissive Card Game. It makes the perfect gift and is a great way to spice up your love life.


The Kinky Submissive Card game comes with 52 poker-sized action cards in a black tuck box. If you don’t like one (or more) of the cards, remove them from the deck so they’re never used.

Some of the cards are SUPER hot and racy. This game is slanted more towards a male recipient although most of the cards could be used for either sex. Each card is written from the submissive to the Dominant, giving him permission to do whatever the card says.

the rules

Pick one (or more cards) to detail what you will surrender yourself to that day. If you don’t like one (or more of the cards), pull them from the deck and don’t use them.

Some are SUPER hot and include others. Be sure to read through ALL the cards prior to play so you can discard any cards that you would never do.

The cards were created to be picked at random – for the submissive to hand one over to her Dominant in order to do whatever activity the card says. This helps heighten anticipation and allows her to surrender to whatever the card says.

special note

While some of these cards are extreme, use your best judgment in fulfilling them. Always be safe, sane, consensual and responsible.

Pull out and discard ALL cards that you would never want to do BEFORE you start playing. Also, it’s a smart idea to discuss each card with your partner prior to playing the game to set up any limitations or expectations prior to playing.

Open communication is essential for any sexual play. This game is meant to be fun, not dangerous. Only play with those you trust.

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