My master dressed me in my favorite black lace garter belt before sliding black fishnet stockings up my lean legs and attaching them to the belt. He inhaled my scent as his nose neared my aroused cunt. I shivered with anticipation, wanting him to bury his face in between my legs, to use his wicked tongue on my clit, but he abandoned my cunt to slip my feet into five inch patent leather platform heels. He clipped thick leather cuffs on each wrist and ankle, leaving my usual collar off.

He stood me in front of the full length mirror, eyeing his creation. My long wavy auburn hair fell around my shoulders, looking silky and tousled, accentuating my green eyes. My pert nipples hardened under his gaze, standing at attention, ready to be enjoyed. He stood behind me in his black tux and crisp white tailored shirt, tall and broad, while he ran his hand up and down my ass, edging closer and closer to my cunt, teasing me. I squirmed a little hoping it would coax him to slip a finger or two inside but instead he slapped my ass and told me to behave.

Tonight was an important night for him. He was taking me to The Club’s annual New Year’s Eve gala where he’d be gifting me to one of the elite doms in hopes of moving up in The Club’s ranks. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it but I wanted to please him and knew I’d do anything for him, including giving myself over to a stranger. He assured me that I was only being gifted for a week, that the gift itself was the use of me for this time frame, not forever, but a shiver of fear still ran through me.

His black car arrived promptly at nine. He covered me with a black cape that gapped open with the slightest movement before ushering me into the mirrored elevator, through his building’s lobby and out into the waiting car.

I felt on edge as the car crept into the city traffic. He put his hand on my thigh as he assured me that I would do wonderfully. He told me how proud he was of me and how he knew his gift would fast track him into the elite circle. I hoped I’d be able to please whatever elite dom he gave me to. I wasn’t even sure he knew which one would receive his gift. It sounded like that decision would be made by the elite circle, not him.

My heart sped up as we inched closer to downtown and The Club. Light snow swirled around the traffic, bouncing light and brightening up the otherwise dark night. His hand slid up my thigh in a slow teasing motion, not stopping until it was pressed up against my clit, sending a shot of arousal through me.

We pulled up in front of The Club. The bright heat lights under their awning were blinding. The doorman stood at attention while several men lingered by the front doors.

“This is to make you feel more comfortable,” he purred in my ear as he slipped a thick velvet blindfold over my eyes, blocking out everything. “Do as your told. Behave. I’ll make this all worth it for you once I’m promoted.”

Fear rattled through me as my cunt became wetter at the thought of turning myself over to someone else.

He took my hand and helped me out of the car. The cold night air and swirling snow captured the cape, throwing it open, exposing my naked body to anyone who wanted to look. My nipples tightened and goose bumps exploded over my skin. He did nothing to close the cape, either oblivious or wanting to show me off. It took a moment before the warm air of The Club welcomed us.

A soft male voice greeted us, offering to take his coat and my cape. My master untied the cape, letting it fall away, leaving me in nothing more than the garter and fishnet stockings. He pulled my wrists behind my back and clicked the cuffs together.

“You will be on display during the dinner portion,” he said into my ear. “Don’t talk to anyone and don’t say anything unless you’re asked a direct question. Keep your answers short and direct and always end your responses with sir or ma’am. Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” I said, the excitement building in my abdomen. This was really happening.

He lead me up some stairs that felt carpeted and into what I guessed to be their grand ballroom. I heard a sea of voices talking over each other and glasses clinking as we entered. I had only been in the play areas of The Club, never to a gala or dinner. Those were usually reserved for only the elite and upper members.

He lead me up another step onto what felt like a wooden platform. He hooked my wrists to something metal and cool behind me, making me immobile and defenseless. He spread my legs, placing what had to be a spreader bar between my ankles, clipping it to my ankle cuffs, forcing my legs apart.

My cunt felt exposed and aching.

He tweaked each nipple into hardened points and slapped my ass.

“Be good,” he whispered in my ear. “I will see you in a week.” 

Then he was gone.

My heart raced as I considered what I had agreed to do. I was completely exposed to a room full of strangers who I couldn’t see, waiting to be handed off to someone I didn’t know.

Voices came closer, talking in that conversational way that happens at parties.

“Oh look at this one,” I heard a female voice say as a hand trailed up and down one thigh. “She’s quite beautiful. I think she’s Paxton’s girl.”

Two hands cupped my tits before pinching and pulling on my nipples. I leaned into it as the sharp pain went straight to my cunt.

“She’s responsive,” the female said with a laugh. “Let’s keep her as a consideration.”

More people came over. More hands found their way into my hair, onto my nipples, and a few dipped into my wet and aroused cunt.

One gentleman curled his finger as it was buried deep inside me, hooking my g-spot, threatening to make me cum all over him and the floor. I squirmed and pushed into his hand, aching for the sweet release, but he only chuckled and pulled out, making a few comments to his partner about how ready and willing I was.

As the hands continued to probe and explore me, I gave myself over completely to the sensations, no longer self conscious about being fondled and used by so many strangers. I let my body take over, to fully enjoy and melt into each sensation, soaking it all in as I felt completely consumed by my arousal.

At some point the hands abandoned me and I was left dripping and aching, wanting more.

The crowd quieted down as a microphone was tapped and someone must have taken the stage.

“Welcome,” a strong male voice said, “and thank you for coming to our annual New Year’s Eve gala. As you know, several junior members have brought along gifts for some of the elite members as is our tradition. I take that you’ve had a chance to circle around the room and sample the lovely gifts on display. We are delighted to have a wonderful selection of gifts this year. 

“Elite members, please take a moment to write down your gift preferences and pass your cards to our gracious servers. We will announce who has been award what gift after dinner.”

Voices filled the space once again as conversations resumed. I felt cold, aroused and exposed. Doubt crept through my mind, making me worry that I might not get selected by anyone and I’d let my master down. I took in a deep breath and wished for the best as I thrust my tits out as best I could given my limited mobility.

Silverware started clinking against plates as dinner was served, a pleasant aroma filling the air. I should have been hungry but it was the last thing on my mind. I hadn’t been able to eat anything all day. My body felt pleasingly vacant.

My mind drifted as dinner continued, voices rising and falling, but I couldn’t pick out any one conversation. The voices hummed around me like one undistinguishable wave of sound.

I had managed to zone out completely when someone unclipped me from the metal rod and disconnected the spreader bar before guiding me off my little platform. They walked me through the cavernous room, the conversations whirling around me, rising and falling, up more steps and onto what I had to guess was the main stage. They positioned me, telling me not to move, before abandoning me.

My knees felt weak without the metal support but I did my best to remain standing straight, fully aware of a roomful of eyes on me and whatever other gifts were probably on stage, too. I wanted to make my master proud.

The voices quieted down as a strong male voice started talking into the microphone.

“I expect dinner was exceptional this evening. A big thank you to The Club’s head chef, kitchen staff and our lovely servers.” Applause erupted. “Now for the fun part of the evening. We have gone through all the elite member’s preferences and have the pleasure of announcing which gift will go to which elite member.”

He continued talking, reading off names with corresponding numbers which had to be the different gifts. I had no idea what number I was so I barely listened as he rattled off the list. 

My heart pounded as a wave of fear washed over me.

After what felt like forever, the list was completed and the male voice told the elites to collect their gifts at their convenience.

Chairs scraped back as people moved towards the stage. I stood as still as possible, taking in deep breaths, as the anticipation of meeting my new master frightened me.

Hands soon found me and unclipped my wrists from behind my back. A rough masculine hand curled around mine, warm and firm, as it lead me off the stage, directing me down the steps one at a time. 

“Would you like to get cleaned up?” a deep male voice asked me.

I felt wet and sticky but sexy as hell. “However you wish me to be, sir.”

He chuckled. “I rather like you how you are now.”

A little thrill ran through me.

He kept the blindfold in place which I didn’t mind as he guided me over to his table and told me to sit down. I could hear snippets of conversations around me as a band started to play.

“Are you hungry?” he asked.

“No, sir,” I said.

“Thirsty?” he asked.

“Water would be good, sir.”

A moment later he pressed a cool glass into my hand. I took a long sip, thankful for the way it washed through me.

“I’m going to keep the blindfold on until we leave,” he told me. “Club policy.”

I nodded as I finished off the water, passing the glass back to him.

The rest of the evening passed in a blur. He had me remain seated at the table while he milled about, giving me more glasses of water as needed but otherwise leaving me alone. I was able to pick up more of the conversations now that I was down in it but nothing exciting was said, no clues as to who my new master was. 

No one else touched me which made me feel like there was a hands off policy now that I had been gifted. I had thought my master might come by and whisper in my ear but he never materialized.

I worked hard to maintain a straight back and fully present myself as the night wore on, somehow knowing that it wasn’t in my best interest to slouch or relax too much.

“It’s almost midnight,” my new master whispered in my ear. “I want you to join me on the dance floor.”

I stood up and let him lead me hand in hand as we pushed past others, my tits brushing against random people, the fabric rough against my sensitive nipples, as we moved through the crowd, sending a frisson of pleasure through me. 

He slipped a cool glass in my hand, whispering “champagne” into my ear. I took a tiny sip, enjoying the way the bubbles danced on my tongue.

“It’s for the toast at midnight,” he said, laughing. “Hold on a minute, doll.”

I could feel the excitement build in the room as everyone started yelling “it’s almost time” and “only one more minute to go.” Then the official countdown began. Everyone started counting down in unison. I clung to my glass, absorbing it all, memorizing the moment.












People clinked glasses around me, blowing horns and rattling noise makers.

“Happy New Year, my pet,” came in my ear before soft lips brushed against mine. He clinked his glass to mine. “Drink up. You’re in for one hell of a year.”

I smiled as I felt confetti fall from above, dusting everyone as the reveling continued. The band started playing Auld Lang Syne while people joined in singing. My heart soared with the excitement of it all, filling and lifting me. I felt effortless and alive. I felt amazing.

“Let’s get out of here,” my new master said into my ear as he grabbed my hand.

I nodded. This was going to be a night I’d never forget.

He guided me back out towards the front, stopping to gather his coat and my cape. He must have gotten my claim ticket as part of his gift. He wrapped it snuggly around me before stepping me out into the cold night. He slid me into a warm waiting car, sliding in next to me, before taking off my blindfold.

I blinked into the darkness of the car, my eyes slowly adjusting and taking in my surroundings. We were in a stretch limo with a dark interior. A bar complete with a champagne bottle chilling on ice and wine glasses hanging above it, all lit up with a bright white light, was off to the left while an endless stretch of dark leather was on the right.

I slowly turned my head to take in my new master. My heart skipped a beat. He had a square jawline covered in a thick five o’clock shadow and short dark hair. His intense blue eyes drank me in as his full lips curled into a smile. He was breathtaking. My whole body tingled at the sight of him, aching to be devoured.

As if reading my mind, he slowly leaned towards me, a hand on my face as he captured my mouth with his, drinking me in. He deepened the kiss, sending waves of pleasure everywhere, as his hand tangled in my hair, pulling me in closer. His other hand untied my cape, letting it fall away, leaving me bare.

“You’re gorgeous,” he said into my mouth before his lips trailed down my neck, tasting me as he went.

He pulled me onto his lap so I was straddling him as he continued kissing my neck and my shoulders. I could feel his thick shaft beneath my aching pussy, begging to be set free. My mouth watered at the thought, wanting nothing more than to capture his cock with my mouth.

His mouth found my nipples, sucking and nibbling on each one, causing me to arch my back as I wanted more more more. His hands cupped my ass and started rocking me against him as his mouth continued to tease and taunt my nipples. My whole body screamed for him, wanting him with a fierceness I’ve never experienced before. I had worried about being someone’s gift but I had never imagined I would want him this much.

A finger hooked into my ass, pushing in slightly, testing, as his lips returned to my mouth. His mouth possess mine as my arousal built, threatening to overwhelm me. My cunt was leaking all over his tuxedo pants as he continued to ravage my mouth, making it easy for me to want to surrender to him completely.

He pulled back from me a moment, taking me in with those intense blue eyes. 

“You are the most beautiful creature,” he said, his voice low and husky. “I knew the moment I saw you that I had to have you. I had planned on sharing you, to invite my best buddies over for a little party this week, but I’ve decided that I’m not going to do that. I want you all to myself. I don’t want anyone else touching you.”

He watched as I took in his words, slowly processing them. I could feel them wash over me, making my heart flutter as my cunt ached for him.

I nodded. “I am yours, sir.”

“Don’t call me sir,” he said with a crooked smile. “Call me Chase.”

Before I had a chance to respond, his mouth was on mine again, drinking me in, tasting me, probing my mouth with his tongue. One hand held my ass while the other teased my cunt, sliding long fingers along my wet slit. He circled my clit, driving me insane, before thrusting his fingers deep inside of me. I cried out into his mouth as an orgasm ripped through me, juices flowing everywhere. 

“Good girl,” he purred into my ear. “I want you to come for me again but this time with me buried deep in you.”

He slid his fingers out of my aching cunt to unbutton and unzip his pants. His cock sprung free between my thighs. I wanted nothing more than to taste him but figured I’d be able to at some point during the week. Instead I let him slide me on top of him as he penetrated me with his thick shaft inch by agonizing inch. I squeezed my cunt around him, wanting to suck him in deeper, wanting to take in all of him, wanting him pushed in balls deep, but he wouldn’t give it to me.

I clenched and unclenched, wanting, but he held me off, taunting me, as he continued to determine how much of himself he’d let me have. He left me hovering over him for a few excruciating minutes, teasing my cunt, before he slammed me down completely on top of him. 

I screamed, my body convulsing, as an even stronger orgasm crashed through me, causing my whole body to shake. He plunged in again and again, fucking me through my orgasm, holding me tightly on top of him, fucking me with everything he had until I felt like I was going to pass out.

“Oh God,” I screamed, not caring about the limo driver, not caring about anything but this man buried deep inside me. 

I clung to him as he continued to pump, his rhythm speeding up, pumping deeper and harder, pushing against my cervix until I couldn’t take any more, until I wanted to take everything, to be everything. I exploded again, squeezing my cunt around him, as I felt him burst inside me, coating me with everything he had.

I collapsed on top of him, panting. He hugged me to him, his breathing slowly returning to normal. I felt spent, totally trashed, unable and not wanting to move.

“I’m going to make you mine,” he whispered into my ear, his cock still lodged deep inside me. “I promise you. Forever.”