I‘m back to writing!! YEA!! Here’s a little something I started this week. Enjoy! Comments are much appreciated.

He slipped the blindfold over my eyes and whispered, “You’re beautiful. I will be here the entire time. Enjoy this moment. This is all for you.”

My heart hammered as I was plunged into darkness. I knew I had wanted this, had asked for it, but now that the moment was here, my mind didn’t know what to think. It felt scattered. I had never done anything like this in my life and once I stepped through this door, I knew there would be no going back.

He took my hand and guided me. I wore a simple black silk dress, my highest heels and nothing else. My nipples hardened in anticipation.

He squeezed me hand as if he knew what I was thinking, probably wanting to calm my nerves. I knew the moment we met that I would be doing something like this one day. The way he smiled at me, the casual mention of his playthings in other cities, his not caring if I had a boyfriend. His eyes had raked over my body, making me shiver, as if he had reached out and caressed me. I knew I’d be his by the end of the night. I knew one day it would come to this.

I heard him open a door before guiding me through. A hush of voices quieted as I imagined countless eyes turning their attention towards me. He didn’t say anything as he guided me forward. There was nothing to be said at this point anyway.

“This is all for you,” he said one more time in my ear before he pushed the thin spaghetti straps off my shoulders, letting the dress drop and pool around my feet.

A deep embarrassment overcame me as I stood nude and blindfolded in front of a bunch of men I had never met before. He had assured me that he had vetted everyone of them. He belonged to some sort of club where they shared their women and this was to be some sort of initiation. I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant–I didn’t think to ask questions–but I trusted him. I knew he wouldn’t do anything to harm me.

Hands soon found me, gripping my ass, brushing against my nipples, tracing the curves of my body. My body shivered and quickly became aroused by the attention. They started out gently, light touches, as if exploring me, taking their time. I appreciated this time to collect myself, to become present to the moment, to realize exactly what I was allowing. I never though in my wildest dreams that I would let a room of random men fondle me but here I was and I had to admit I was loving it.

He had told me beforehand to be prepared for anything. He had taken his time to ensure that I was ready, testing me out in various ways, making me practice on various size dildos, plugging my ass with bigger and bigger plugs. Stretching me. Blindfolding me while he fucked me. Preparing me for this night.

I took in a deep breath as the hands became more daring. Fingers pinched my nipples and pulled, causing a deep ache within me. Fingers slipped between my folds, spreading me, before sinking deep inside. Someone kicked my legs apart to give them more access. I complied, like a living doll, malleable for them, nothing more than flesh to be touched and fondled.

My body hummed from all the attention until I thought I would go mad from my arousal. I tried counting the number of hands on me, pulling and prodding, slipping in and out of my wetness, but I couldn’t. I squirmed under their touch, eager for more.

After what felt like forever, someone pushed me forward until my midsection rested on something firm but soft. Someone pushed me up until I was kneeling, my midsection supported. Cuffs were slipped around my wrists before I was fastened to this contraption, making me immobile with my ass pointing out and my tits dangling.

Someone pulled my head up by the hair and pushed a cock into my mouth. Surprised, I opened my mouth, allowing it in, knowing this was why I was there, trying not to gag as it pushed itself to the back of my throat. More hands found my dangling tits, pulling and pinching, causing me to squirm as the cock fucked my mouth.

Hands behind me spread me open, exposing me even more, before a cock pushed into my wetness, impaling me completely. I had never been so filled before. Both cocks moved in and out at different paces, making it challenging to know how to handle it. My head spun from all the various sensations happening at once, overwhelming me.

The cock in my mouth pulled out and squirted on my face before it was replaced by another. I squeezed down on the cock in my cunt, causing it to push in deeper and harder, gripping my hips so hard I knew there’d be bruises tomorrow. The cock in my cunt sped up before it also pulled out, spilling itself all over my backside. Another cock quickly replaced this and this went on and on, each cock spilling itself all over me before it was replaced by another.

I lost count as my body took them all in. I felt like an empty vessel being filled again and again, taken to the edge but never coming, never being allowed full release. My head spun from all the sensations, overwhelmed, until I felt like a puddle of goo, thankful for the restraints and the support. I didn’t need to do anything but be open and accepting, allowing myself to be continuously fucked.

When the last cocked spilled itself all over me, I was a dripping mess. I couldn’t move and allowed myself to collapse on my support, my head dropping onto a soft pad. I had never been so exhausted and spent in my life. My cunt ached, sore and still wanting. I couldn’t believe that I still felt turned on, my body still humming, still hungry.

“You did well,” he said as my ear but loud enough for the room to hear. “You’re officially one of our fucktoys. Rick will be taking you for the next week or so to help with your further training. You will obey everything he tells you or he will have no qualms about disciplining you. Do you understand?”

I wasn’t sure I was hearing him right. I knew he’d share me but what? I was now a fucktoy?

“That contract I had you sign but you didn’t bother to read,” he said as if knowing I had no idea what he was talking about, “you signed away a year to me to use you as I please. You can leave now but you’ll be deeply penalized if you break the contract.”

A shiver ran though me. I had signed the contract without reading it, thinking it was simply some sort of release form for tonight’s activities, like a confidentiality thing. I had no idea I was signing away a year of my life. I knew the courts took these contracts seriously, not allowing women out of them once they were signed. Women were allowed to even sell themselves and become property of someone else, usually for hefty sums. I had never considered that he’d do something like this.

“Let it sink in,” he said. “You’re a club fucktoy now, at least for the next year. We won’t do anything to permanently harm you but you can expect to be disciplined if needed and, believe me, you won’t like it. I suggest you don’t fight us and just go with it. Who knows, you may even like it. You didn’t seem to mind this evening.”

I could hear the sinisterness in his voice. He trapped me. This was his game plan all along. He probably scouted the city for innocent women who craved a little attention and this was where they ended up. 

My heart plummeted as I realized the situation I had let myself fall into. I could never afford the penalty attached to the contract for breaking it in a hundred lifetimes. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life in debt, struggling to make ends meet.

Someone unclasped the cuffs from the bench and pulled me up by my hair. I stumbled a moment, come dripping off me. I knew I looked a mess, well used. The hand stayed in my hair as if to guide me, as if I might run away even though I was still blindfolded.

I felt defeated as I imagined everyone taking in my well used body, the shame washing over me, reducing me to nothing but the fucktoy they had made me to be.

“Take her away, Rick,” he said as if I were nothing more than used tissue to be discarded. “She’s yours to break in.”

Hands roughly pulled my hands behind my back, linking my cuffs together, making me even more helpless, pushing my tits out. I wanted to protest, to say something, to fight back, but words escaped me. I knew there was nothing I could do but go with it. Maybe I wouldn’t hate it. Maybe I’d even learn to enjoy it somehow.