This is part of my snippet collection – quick little scenes.

She tilted her head up as if to kiss him but he was just beyond her reach. She pulled against her restraints. Her arms were secured behind her back, tied to the bedpost with thick silk straps. He had asked Olivia, his housekeeper, to secure her before he came home.

He chuckled as he stood in front of her, only inches out of reach. Her pale skin glowed in the dim lighting, her nipples pink and erect, pointing directly at him. He wanted to touch them, to graze them with the back of his knuckles, but building her anticipation was much sweeter. He saw the longing in her eyes as she strained to get closer to him, her lips full and pouting. 

“Were you a good girl today?” he asked.

She nodded with vigor. “Yes, sir.”

“Did you do everything Olivia told you to do?” he asked. He had Olivia instruct her to visit the spa downtown for a day of pampering and waxing along with explicit instructions to swim at least 30 minutes afterwards.

She nodded again. “Yes, sir. Thank you for the massage treatment.”

“It’s my pleasure,” he said as he moved closer to her. He avoided her mouth and traced a finger along her slit, delighted as she groaned and tried to lean into his hand.