This is part of my snippet collection – quick little scenes.

She took in a deep breath to calm her nerves as she walked into the party. She knew he would be there, watching her as she entered with as much grace as she could muster on five inch platform heels. She held her head high, her long blonde hair piled on top of her head in a loose topknot, her blue eyes peeked out of an ornate black lace mask. The black sheer dress he had picked out hugged her curves, revealing the the black lace pushup bra and matching thong underneath. 

Her nipples hardened as eyes raked over her body. Small smiles playing on the men’s lips as she passed, a few hands finding and cupping her as as she moved through the crowd. She kept her eyes downward as she had been trained to do, an outward sign of submission and respect. 

He had instructed her to go with whoever claimed her as her ultimate test of submission to him. He assured her that he knew everyone who’d be in attendance tonight and trusted them completely.