This is part of my snippet collection – quick little scenes.

She slid his cock in her mouth, enjoying the smooth velvet feel of the head against her tongue and the salty taste of his pre-cum. She was on her knees, hands bound behind her back, her tits pushed up and over her tight black corset. Her nipples tightened as she took the cock all the way down her throat until she was completely full of it. She opened the back of her throat wider, breathing through her nose, as she focused all of her attention on the cock sliding in and out of mouth, slipping deeper and deeper down her throat.

Rough hands found their way into her long blonde hair, pulling her head so her throat was fulling impaled by the enormous cock. She sucked in air through her nose, willing herself not to gag, not to reject the delicious cock. A deep voice chuckled from above her as the cock slowly pulled itself out before thrusting in again, filling her throat, leaving her gasping for air.

The blindfold kept her from seeing exactly who she had down her throat but it didn’t matter. She was there to please whomever wanted her and she liked being kept in the dark. 

The cock in her mouth increased its tempo, pushing further and further down her throat as its owner grasped at her hair and pulled her in closer as he fucked her throat. She heard him groan as he emptied himself down her throat. She swallowed it all, savoring the warmth as it slid down her throat.

As soon as he pulled out, another cock took its place. The new cock wasn’t as long but had more girth. She wrapped her mouth around it, pulling it in deeper as she heard the man groan.

Someone pinched her nipples, rolling them between their fingers before pulling on them. She let out a gasp as the fresh pain made her even wetter.