This is part of my snippet collection – quick short scenes.

it was a dark and stormy night. the curtains fluttered in the warm evening breeze. she kept the back windows open, facing out into the night sky, the moon hanging low, illuminating everything. she hoped he’d show up tonight, sneak through the window like last time, put his hand over her mouth and purr into her ear to not make a sound while his other hand roamed over her smooth skin, squeezing her ass, before lightly gliding through her wetness. she moaned into his hand, wanting more. he chuckled in her ear and told her good girl. that if she was good, if she left her window open for him, that he’d be back and next time he’d give her more of what she wanted. she had waited ten days, the window open, beaconing, but he had yet to show. maybe she had imagined him, she wondered. maybe she had conjured him up. no man had ever touched her that way before even though she knew they had wanted to. it simply wasn’t done. she was of royal birth, awaiting her marriage to some duke somewhere, remaining pure for him, remaining true, even though her body wanted to betray her innocence.

she jumped when she heard a sound on the balcony. she quickly curled into a ball, faking sleep, as she heard the curtains rustle in the breeze. he was back. her heart hammered. she held her breath as soft footsteps fell on the hard concrete floor of her room. she had given up hope but here he was again.

she felt his weight on the bed before his hands found her. he didn’t cover her mouth this time and she didn’t scream. he purred into her ear good girl as his hands wandered over her backside. he cupped her ass and squeezed. she let out a gasp as his hands moved lower until a finger easily slipped into her.

stay still, he said, his finger plunging deeper. that’s my girl.

she sucked in her breath as he added another, her wetness easily allowing it. she had never been penetrated in this way before. she hadn’t even dared to touch herself for fear of losing her innocence. but in this moment she didn’t care. her body hummed under his touch, electric currents of lust and longing overtaking her. 

she wanted more. 

she moved into him, her ass brushing up against the metal buckle of his pants and the hardness that lurked underneath.

she heard him groan softly which brought a smile to her face. she wanted to please him, to captivate him like he had captivated her.

he moved his fingers slowly in and out while his mouth was hot on her ear, coaxing her on like a new born calf walking for the first time.

that’s my girl, he purred, his words a whisper against my skin. give it to me.

i felt the pressure building, the ache growing, until i felt like i would come undone. he increased the pace, telling me to let go, until i couldn’t take it anymore , until i burst all around him.