This is part of my snippet collection – quick little short scenes.

she had wandered down the lane many times before. she took in the warm spring air, happy to be outside for a change. he had told her exactly where to go and exactly what to wear. she had on a short summery dress that flared out at the hips with nothing on underneath. the breeze picked up her skirt and played with it, threatening to expose her underside. luckily no one was around and she wouldn’t have cared anyway. she was on the back half of her family’s property and no one came out this way.

she wandered until she reached the pond at the end of the lane. a little beach house sat on the far side, the canoes and oars propped up against its weathered siding. she knew the pond was still cold from the long winter although she still felt tempted to strip off her clothes and dive in. her mother would question why she was wet which was the only reason she didn’t do it. she already knew she was pushing it coming out here on her own and didn’t want to raise any suspicions. she wanted to maintain her freedom to roam, to go where she needed to go, without question.

she skirted the pond, the tall grasses tickling her palms as she grazed her hands over them. she felt completely at ease and happy – emotions she hadn’t felt in a long time. she felt steady and secure, like she knew exactly who she was and where she was going. her life was in a lot of ways not her own but today it was totally under her control and she relished in it. she wouldn’t think about tomorrow or the next day but only this moment, only now, only seeing him again.

she spread out the blanket she had brought tucked in under her arm on a bare patch of ground near the pond but not too close. she laid down on it, stretching her limbs, happy to be hidden by the tall grasses surrounding her. The sun overhead shone down on her as if blessing her, telling her that today was all about her. She smiled at it as she covered her eyes, not wanting to look directly at it. she knew she was early but she didn’t care. she needed space away from the house and away from her family. it could get stifling in there. she needed space to think and breathe.

she stripped off her dess before closing her eyes and dozing in the early afternoon sun, appreciating the way the sun kissed the places of her body that were usually covered. she wasn’t a shy girl but she also didn’t want her family to know that she snuck out of the house to sunbathe in the nude. they’d never get it and luckliy they never saw her nude to know she barely had any tan lines.

she startled when she heard footsteps approaching, her heart in her throat. she had never met him without her clothes on and wasn’t sure what he’d think of her. women just didn’t do this. 

she went to grab for her dress to slip it back on but she was too slow. he had already descended upon her, his eyes wide with delight, his smile telling her everything.

well, hello, he said, his voice low and smooth. what a pleasant surprise.

i wasn’t expecting you so soon, she said, attempting to cover herself with the dress but knowing she was failing miserably.

so i see, he said with a chuckle. but i don’t mind. i rather like it.

she blushed as she let the dress fall away. she watched as he took her in, her subtle curves, her nipples that hardened under his gaze, the dark triangle of hair that hid her growing wetness.