she tiptoed through the tulips, a giggle escaping her as she looked back to see if he was following. he was there, a distance away, his eyes on her, watching her every move. a smile curled on her lips as she sashayed through the flowers, her hands grazing the tops of them, the sun shining down. her heart felt full, alive. she couldn’t keep the smile off her face. she knew he’d be here again. she just knew it. 

she turned again and he was closer, a smile on his lips, laughter in his eyes. she giggled again. god, he was hot. she couldn’t believe that he was interested in her. that he was here. she had dreamt of this moment forever and now here it was, filling her, shining through her.

she broke out into a little run until he was right behind her. he reached out for her hand and spun her around. she was breathless, leaning up against his chest, her eyes locked on his, before he bent down and captured his mouth with his.

he kissed her like she had never been kissed before, taking the breath right out of her. his arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her in closer, pulling her in until she couldn’t be pulled in any more. her hands rested on his strong shoulders because she wasn’t sure what else to do with them as she allowed herself to get lost in his kiss.

his mouth moved over hers, his tongue invading her softness, his hands at her back. she felt like magic, like the world was spiraling around her until she was dizzy with it. she wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to come up for air again.

he pulled back slightly and smiled at her. she felt dazed, liquid. she was grateful for his support in that moment, his hand on her back, as he held her. his eyes sparkled with mischief, his lips a half smile.

you’re gorgeous, he said, taking her in. in every way.

she blushed. no man had ever said that to her before.

he traced a finger down her face, down her chin, down her neck until it graced the scoop of her dress. her body shimmered beneath his touch, on fire, wanting more but not even knowing what she wanted. it was too much and everything. she felt like her whole body would explode.

she looked up into his eyes again. his fingers lingered on the scoop of her dress, moving back and forth slowly, tantalizing, making her want to beg for more.

tomorrow, he said, his voice low and soft as if there might be people around them who would overhear even though they were the only ones in the garden. the back shed.

her body blossomed. the back shed – the place of secrets and potting soil and where no one ever went except the gardener who was no longer employed. the place where she knew the magic would happen, where she couldn’t turn back.

she nodded.

yes, she said. the shed. tomorrow. i can’t wait.

and then she was off running again, her heart hammering, not sure where she wanted any of this to go. breathless and real. out of her head and feeling out of time.

she glanced back once more. he smiled. and she was off again. not stopping until her feet hit the pavement and she was somewhere i could breathe again.