This is part of my snippet collection – quick short stories.

She gave up her rights the moment she walked through the door. 

They had her sign a contract before they bound her hands behind her back, stripped her of her dress and left her standing in nothing but her heels. They slipped a blindfold over her eyes and a collar around her neck, locking it into place. 

She couldn’t help wonder if the blindfold was meant to heighten her experience or simply to block out her awareness of whatever was happening around her. No explanations were given. She was no longer considered a person but had been transformed into an object, something to be used.

Someone attached a leash to the collar and yanked her forward.

“Follow me, bitch,” a gritty male voice snapped as he pulled. She had no choice but to follow, careful not to stumble on her heels.

Thoughts bombarded her mind as she was lead forward. She had been told to go along with whatever happened, to not resist unless it was absolutely necessary. The whole point was for her to lose herself, to surrender fully, and that would only happen if she gave herself over completely. 

They had given her a safe word to use in case she wanted the action to stop. She liked the reassurance but knew once the action stopped, she’d be forced to leave. She’d be able to return—they didn’t want people to get hurt—but her night would be over. 

She had no idea how much she could take or what she could take, this being her first time, but the thought of giving herself over so brazenly had been on her mind all week. Her cunt dripped and ached to be filled. 

Fingers found her nipples and pinched, pulling her forward, forcing her to follow. She stumbled for a moment, feeling off balance, something she always felt in heels, but quickly found her footing and allowed herself to be led.