This is from my snippet collection – quick little short stories.

her mind was blank as he rammed his cock into her again and again. she was spread eagle, her ankles secured with straps, tied so she was completely open, completely exposed, to the many men in the room. she had no idea how many. a blindfold covered her eyes and noise canceling headphones covered her ears repeating the mantra over and over again that she was a submissive slut and that it was her purpose to submit and obey.

she sank into the reality of what was happening to her and didn’t try to fight it. her hands were bound over her head, causing her body to be stretched and lengthened. hands pawed at her body, squeezing and slapping her breasts, pulling and pinching her nipples. her body flooded with arousal, on fire with need, as the cock fucked her, filling her completely.

once one cock finished and slipped out, dripping come all down her ass, another took its place. this went on for what felt like hours and also no time at all. she fell into a deep trance as the men used her body over and over again. she escaped into her mind, allowing herself to go blank, allowing the words of the mantra to be deeply embedded into her subconscious until she forgot exactly who she was. she was nothing more than holes to be filled and a body to be used, completely at their disposal. something to be toyed with and used. something that existed for only their pleasure.

she had always fantasized by being used in this way but she never thought it would happen. she didn’t know life like this could exist. she had always led a more proper life, prim almost, never expecting more from her partner than the same old, rarely getting off from it, accepting her fate that this was all there was. until that day she met him online and he told her all about a life that she had only dreamt about having.

he had lured her in, shown her the way, told her how her life could be. at first she didn’t believe him, didn’t think it possible, but then he assured her it could be true. he met her for drinks and had her sign her life away for the next month, ensuring her that she’d never want to return to how things used to be. she was thrilled to try something new so readily agreed after talking with other women who had been with him before. they assured her he was safe and to be trusted, that he could take her to places that she only dreamed about.

the day she signed his contract, her heart hammered and her body felt on fire with anticipation. she thought he would claim her then, slap a collar on her and be done, but he only thanked her for signing and said he’d be in touch. that had been five days ago. five long days of waiting and wondering and thinking he had forgotten all about her. and then this morning he texted and told her where to be and what to wear and to inform her family and friends that she’d be gone on vacation for the next three weeks, that she would be completely out of touch with them but not to worry. he gave her permission to give them his number in case of an emergency but ensured her that he would not allow her to be in contact unless is was vital.

he had wasted no time in securing her ankles and wrists with thick leather bands when she arrived, slipping a blindfold over her eyes. he assured her there’d be nothing for her to see and that she’d feel safer with the blindfold on. she had never experienced being blindfolded before but had to admit that it eased her nerves as the choices slowly slipped out of her control. with the blindfold on, she was nothing more than her body, no eyes to look into, no soul to claim. she’d have no connection with anyone who used her.