I didn’t know it was coming. 

Phil had invited me to a dinner party at his boss’s house telling me his boss had been enchanted by me at the holiday party and wanted to get to know me better one on one. I thought his boss was a charming man so I readily agreed.

Phil had purchased a silky black dress for me to wear for the occasion, telling me I deserved a treat for being so sweet. The dress was made of a clingy nylon that hugged my hips and clung to my full tits, showing a clear outline of my nipples as they pushed against the fabric. When he requested that I wear nothing underneath it, no bra or panties, I didn’t think twice since I knew he enjoyed me going bare. It was like our dirty little secret.

It wasn’t until we were walking up the steps to his boss’s mansion that he turned to me and pulled out a leather collar with an O ring.

“I need you to wear this,” he said as he fastened it tightly around my neck with the buckle in back and the O ring in front. I blinked at him, unsure what to think, saying nothing. “I’m up for a major promotion so I need you to do whatever I say tonight, ok? I promise to make it up to you.”

A sense of dread filled me as he clicked a leash to the O with a leather strap at the other end. We had only been going out a short time but the sex was amazing, beyond anything I had ever experienced. I had come to trust him like I hadn’t trusted any man before. I didn’t want to lose him. I knew this promotion was important to him and didn’t want to be the one to mess it up.

I swallowed down my fear and apprehension, giving him a slight nod. He smiled and lead me the rest of the way up the stone steps, holding one end of the leash as if leading a dog.

His boss, an older handsome man with a full head of grey hair and softly chiseled features, answered the door with a giant smile.

“Hello, come in,” he said, opening the door wide for us. 

Phil allowed me step in first, my heels clicking against the cool white marble tile. I took in the large crystal chandelier hanging over the entryway and the massive curved marble staircase leading upstairs. A tall fern hugged a corner with an ornate wrought iron coat rack next to it.

The boss lead us through to a parlor sitting area where a fire crackled in a stone fireplace. Two chocolate brown leather sofas sat on either side facing each other with a black coffee table in between and a dark red Persian rug underneath. Three crystal tumbler glasses and a crystal decanter filled with a brown liquid sat on a tray on the coffee table. 

The room was cool, making me want to snuggle up as close to the fireplace as possible, but being on the leash restricted my movement. I was forced to go wherever Phil wanted to take me. This thought sent a thrill through me.

“It’s nice to see you again, Violet,” the boss said as he poured drinks from the decanter. “I’m so happy you accepted my invitation.”

I forced a smile, unsure exactly what he meant. “I’m happy to be here,” I said, knowing I needed to play nice.

“Please have a seat,” the boss said, directing us to one of the sofas while he sat on the other. “I hope you enjoy scotch. I bought this particular bottle when I was in the Highlands last year.”

Scotch wasn’t my favorite but I wasn’t going to complain, grateful to have any alcohol to help relax my jumbled nerves. I took the glass when it was offered and took a small sip, enjoying the burn as it went down my throat. Phil watched me out of the corner of his eye, looking a little uncertain. I gave him a broad smile that I hoped reassured him.

The men talked business, leaving me out of it. I continued to sip my scotch until it burned in my stomach and created a warm buzz throughout my body. 

I was fully aware of the leash the whole time. Phil kept hold of it, tugging it slightly as he used his hands to gesture as he talked. I felt owned, a thought I had never had before. I felt on display, there simply to be looked at. My nipples hardened against the thin fabric of my dress as if begging for attention. I noticed the boss eyeing my tits as they talked, not being shy about looking.

The boss refilled drinks as ours emptied. They continued talking business.

After the second glass I started to feel floaty. All my cares and worries floated away. I watched the fire, mesmerized by it. The male voices receded into background noise. I felt warmed and confident. I felt liquid.

A slight tug on the leash alerted my attention back to Phil. I turned to him. He gave me a slow smile. A chill curled through me. Somehow I knew it was time.

“Stand up,” Phil said to me. 

I obeyed, standing slowly, a little off balance from the alcohol. 

Phil stood up next me and caressed my shoulders as the boss watched with intense interest. Slowly Phil pushed the dress off my shoulders until it puddled at my feet. 

I stood naked before them, cool air kissing my nipples, causing them to harden even more. I was fully on display now, the boss’s eyes taking in every inch of me. I felt myself blush. My natural instinct was to cover myself but the warm buzz of alcohol combined with the veiled knowledge of why I was here kept my hands at my sides.

The boss continued to take me in. Heat pooled in my cunt. 

Phil murmured something in my ear I couldn’t understand while he ran his hands up my arms and then down my chest, brushing against each hardened nipple with the back of his hands which sent a wave of pleasure through me. He cupped each tit, squeezing them, as if showing his boss their ripeness. He then tweaked each nipple, twisting until I squirmed, send waves of heat to my cunt. He grabbed my ass with one hand as he continued pinching one nipple with the other.

He was turning me on even more and he knew it. The hand from my ass slipped lower until it slid up my clit, checking my wetness. I knew I was sopping. I was embarrassed, humiliated and more turned on than I had ever been.

The boss circled the coffee table until he was on my other side. I held my breath as his hand reached out to tweak my other nipple. I squirmed. His hands were rougher and bigger than Phil’s. He let go of the nipple, brushing the back of his hand against the soft underbelly of my tit, before returning to the nipple. He pinched and pulled, watching as my body reacted. 

Phil continued to play with my ass and groped my other tit as his boss sucked one tit into his mouth. He sucked and flicked my nipple with his tongue, causing me to squirm. Phil tugged on my leash as if to say behave but I was no longer in control of my body. 

Wave after wave of pleasure pulsed through me as the boss continued to suck and fondle my tits. Thick fingers found my cunt and thrust inside, causing me to gasp as they pushed deeper.

I started to pant, all the sensation too much.

“Good girl,” Phil whispered in my ear as his hand found its way into my hair and pulled my head back, causing me to arch and lean into the fingers invading me. 

The sloppy sucking and pulling on my now aching nipples continued as the thick fingers thrusted in and out of my cunt in a relentless rhythm. An orgasm rolled through me and I cried out, juices flooding the fingers and flowing onto the floor.

“You weren’t kidding when you said she was a responsive one,” the boss said, his voice low and husky as he continued thrusting, as if trying to get every last drop out of me.

Another orgasm started to build before the fingers disappeared and I was pushed face down onto the sofa with my ass sticking up in the air. A hand slapped my ass, causing me to whimper. Another slap followed. I bit my lip to keep quiet, somehow knowing this was what was wanted.

Fingers slipped easily inside my sopping cunt again but this time from behind. They circled and thrust. Circled and thrust, creating a rocking rhythm that my hips started to match. 

Phil positioned himself in front of me, one knee on the sofa, his cock in his hand. He tilted my chin up so I was eye level with his cock. He gave me a smile. I opened my mouth and let his cock slide in, taking it deep until it hit the back of my throat. He pulled out a bit before plunging back in.

A hand tangled in my hair pulling my head back even further as a cock rammed into my sopping cunt, filling and stretching me to my limit. I tried to gasp at the sudden invasion but the cock thrusting in my mouth prevented it.

The cock pulled out of my cunt before thrusting back in, causing me to take Phil’s cock even deeper in my throat. They fucked me from both ends, their rhythm uneven, creating a quiet chaos in my mind as I tried to keep up with it all. 

My body felt overwhelmed, on heat. Every inch of me burned. The cock in my cunt continued to pound me, thrusting deeper and deeper, pushing Phil’s cock deeper and deeper down my throat. My tits were squeezed, my nipples pinched. Another slap on my ass. 

Sensation overwhelmed me as I felt the heat start to build again deep in my cunt as it clamped down on the cock invading it with pounding thrusts. The hand in my hair pulled my head back more as I heard the boss yell, “I’m cumming,” before plowing into me one last time, his seed squirting in deep. I clenched around him, draining every last drop, like the wanton fucktoy I’ve become, before he slipped out.

Phil called out before spilling his cum down my throat. I took it all in, absorbing everything he had. The boss squeezed my ass as Phil pulled out of my mouth, leaving me vacant. I slumped forward on the sofa, totally spent despite not cumming. My body hummed, needing release.

“Should we finish her off?” the boss asked as he easily slid two fingers into my cunt.

“Sure, why not?” Phil said. “She earned it.”

The boss pushed his thick fingers into my cunt, adding a third, rocking me, teasing my clit with his thumb, rising me higher and higher, thrusting deeper and deeper until a ball of energy rolled up through me. I let out a scream as I squirted juices all down his arm.

I collapsed on the sofa, my mind blank and still. I heard the boss chuckle as he pulled his fingers out of me, wiping the excess juices on my ass.

“She’s a keeper,” the boss said as he fondled my ass. “We need to make this a regular thing. I think you’re going to go far in my company.”