I made a silly bet with my boyfriend last weekend. We were goofing around, watching college football. His team was behind by a touchdown, it was the bottom of the fourth, and I felt there was no way in hell they were going to win. I was razing him about it, talking smack, something he loves about me, when he said why don’t we make a bet on it. If the other team won, he said he’d be my slave for a day, doing all the cleaning, cook, dishes, whatever I wanted, but if his team won, I’d have to be his slave for the day and do whatever he wanted. We even went as far as to write it down on a napkin, our little slave agreement, signing our names and shaking on it. We agreed that the payout would happen next Saturday so we could watch another game together. 

I thought for sure I was going to win. His team was good but with only a couple minutes left in the game, I thought there was no way his team could stage a come back. I was already coming up with all the chores I wanted him to do, including giving the my bathroom and kitchen a good scrub (I hate to clean), when his team scored a touchdown and another three points with only seconds left to win the game. 

My boyfriend looked over at me, a smirk on his face while he did a happy dance, while I dreaded what chores he’d come up for me to do. His apartment was always a mess and he shared it with two other guys which only made things worse. I imagined myself on my hands and knees scrubbing his filthy toilet while his friends watched the game.

“You are so in for it,” he said with an evil smile as he continued to celebrate. “I have so many plans for you next Saturday. I cannot wait.”

I felt on edge all week while the dreaded Saturday approached. I knew he was inviting a bunch of guys to his place to watch the game and he wanted me to be their servant for the day. I had always fantasized about serving a bunch of men but it never included scrubbing toilets and fetching beers. I may have told my boyfriend this fantasy, along with a bunch of others, when we were drunk off our asses one night but I honestly couldn’t remember. I didn’t think there was any way he would indulge me with them.

On Friday night he called me up to tell me exactly what he wanted me to wear: my short black mini skirt with my favorite hot pink thong and one of my low cut scoop neck tees with my hot pink lace bra. I had scoffed at him, telling him it was ridiculous to dress that way to scrub toilets, but he reiterated that I had promised to do whatever he wanted for the day and this is what he wanted. I felt a little embarrassed (and thrilled) to be showing up this way in front of his friends but decided to just go with it.

I slept like crap Friday night, tossing and turning, part mortified and part turned on by the thought of serving my boyfriend and his friends. I wondered if he’d have his friends boss me around as well. It was a secret fantasy to be completely under a man’s command, to do whatever he wanted, and part of me was aroused that it was about to become a reality.

I took my time showering, shaving and getting ready on Saturday morning, ensuring that I was in pristine condition. I wanted to look my best and really play up the slutty outfit. I went heavier with my makeup than usual, outlining my blue eyes with black cat-like eyeliner and brushing my lips with a hot pink lipstick I kept around for club nights. I looked like I was ready for a hot night on the town, not going to scrub a grungy male apartment. I slipped on my seven inch lucite platform shoes as a joke and was out the door. I figured I’d probably kick them off as soon as I arrived.

My boyfriend greeted me with a big smile when I arrived at his building promptly at noon as instructed. I didn’t even have to ring myself in.

I blushed as he took in my ridiculous outfit.

“You look amazing,” he said as he let me in. “The boys are gonna love it.”

I felt myself blush as I scooted in and started climbing the two flights to his apartment. He followed behind me, getting an excellent view of my ass. I worked out and kept myself in shape so I knew he was liking what he saw. He was constantly telling me how hot my body was and how I should show it off more often. I usually dressed on the conservative side unless I was going clubbing and then I’d show off my ample breasts and my long lean legs a bit more.

He grabbed my ass as I reached his floor, giving it a good squeeze. I looked back at him with a what to do you think you’re doing look until I remembered that this was his day, that I was merely here to be his slave and do whatever he wanted me to do. He smiled at me as if to say this ass is mine, sending a little thrill through me.

I was grateful no one was there yet when we entered his apartment.

“Jeff and David ran out for beer,” my boyfriend told me about his roommates. “They’ll be back in about a half an hour—plenty of time before kick off.”

He lead me into the kitchen which was surprisingly clean for once. I stood by the sink while he went to the fridge and pulled out a beer for himself. I noted that he didn’t offer me one like he usually did.

“I know you’re thinking I’m going to have you clean all day and, while that would be fun to watch, I have a different idea.” His eyes sparkled as he talked. I took in a big breath, bracing myself for whatever craziness he had come up with. “I know how you’ve always fantasized about being of service to men so I thought today would be the perfect time to give you a taste of what that would be like.”

I sucked in my breath. My heartbeat quickened. Did he mean what I think he meant?

He studied my reaction with a relaxed smile. 

“I want you to trust me and do whatever I ask of you today,” he said as he took a long drink from his beer. “I want you to give yourself over to me fully, to surrender yourself to my will, and serve me and my friends completely no matter what we ask of you. I promise we won’t hurt you or do anything I know you won’t like but I want to have some fun with you today and I really think you’ll enjoy it. What do you say?”

I blinked at him. He was handing me everything I wanted on a silver platter. I did trust him but I wasn’t sure I could trust myself to go through with it. I already felt embarrassed enough in this silly outfit. How would feel if he pushed me to do something more explicit with his friends watching?

“I don’t want to force you to do this even though you did promise to do whatever I wanted today,” he said with a sly smile. “I promise I won’t be upset if you say no. I’ll simply give you the cleaning supplies and have you scrub the apartment top to bottom while we watch the game. But if you say yes, I won’t have you clean but serve me and my friends instead.”

He stopped talking, watching me with intense eyes, as I took in everything he said. Not clean—that was good. Serve his friends—not so sure how I felt about that. I knew all these guys and had no idea how far he’d push it. I felt like he was deliberately not telling me his full plans since part of this was about fully surrendering myself to him, something I had always secretly wanted to do. I felt thrilled and terrified all at once.

I nodded. His face broke out into a huge smile.

“Awesome, Elle. You won’t regret this, I promise.”

God—I hoped not.

“The first thing I want you to do is whip up a couple appetizers for the game. David printed out a couple recipes for you and all the ingredients are in the fridge. If you start now, they should be done in plenty of time before the game. And don’t worry, they’re super easy.”

With that he left me alone in the kitchen. So far not so bad. Cooking I could do, kind of.

I found the recipe printouts and got started. They wanted crab stuffed mushrooms which surprised me along with a beer cheese dip. Both were a bit complex and required a lot of chopping, measuring and mixing. I felt like a little homemaker in my crazy outfit, making appetizers for her guys. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. 

While I was busy in the kitchen, I heard Jeff and David arrive along with a couple other guys whose voices I didn’t recognize. My heartbeat quickened at the thought of what my boyfriend was going to order me to do but I reminded myself that I trusted him and that he wouldn’t have me to do anything too outrageous.

They were loud and sounded happy, chatting away about whatever, but I couldn’t make out anything they were saying from the kitchen which was at the back of the apartment. I couldn’t see them either and they couldn’t see me which made me slightly relieved but I also felt like a dirty little secret—the misses squired away in the back room, doing the work, while the men relaxed in the front room.

I heard the TV click on. The pregame news talk flooded the apartment. I continued with my duties, grateful for the distraction, as my nerves amped up to an annoying level. I had no idea how his friends would react to me serving them. They’d probably laugh, think it’s great, talk about how all women should serve men from now on as they guzzled beer. My boyfriend hadn’t given me any other rules or guidelines other than to obey so I decided to act like everything was normal until told otherwise.

My boyfriend came into the kitchen and smiled as I was sticking the mushroom caps in the oven, my ass pointing in his direction. He took this opportunity to grab my ass before putting the beer the guys brought into the fridge.

“Once you’re done with the appetizers, bring a selection of beers into the front room for the guys,” my boyfriend told me. “I let them in on our little bet and told them to feel free to boss you around.”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh great. Thanks for that.”

“Don’t worry. It’ll be fun.”

I wasn’t sure how fun it’d be but a part of me felt excited by the prospect of a bunch of men bossing me around as if my only purpose in life was to serve them, which I guess for today it was.

I set the timer for the mushrooms and finished with the beer cheese, spreading a bunch of tortilla chips around a plate with the cheese dip in the center. It wasn’t the best presentation but it would have to do. These guys didn’t have serving platters. 

I grabbed a bunch of beers out of the fridge, an assortment as directed, tucking them into my chest with one arm while I grabbed the chips with the other. The coldness of the beers seeped through my shirt, sending a chill through me, causing my nipples to harden. Oh great—just what I needed, to draw more attention to my breasts.

With no time to worry about that, I wandered out into the front room. All the guys were seated, three on the sofa and two easy chairs—five in all. Two I didn’t recognize. All eyes went to me as I walked in. I tried not to feel self conscious but I felt a blush creep across my chest as I entered. I was beyond embarrassed, stumbling on my platform heels, feeling ridiculous. I hadn’t thought until now to kick them off and now it felt too late.

A few of the guys let out low whistles, a couple said things like “oh wow” and “she’s hot.” My boyfriend sat there looking proud, a wide smile on his face. Seeing him pleased pleased me in a deep and profound way, something I had never experienced before.

I smiled back, starting to feel a little more relaxed, as I put the chips on the coffee table. I had to bend over at my waist to do it, giving the guys on the sofa a nice view down my top and a peek at my bra, which they weren’t shy about taking.

I accidentally made eye contact with one of the new guys as I started to stand back up, causing me to blush even more. He was hot, with sandy brown hair and deep blue eyes and well defined muscles under his thin blue t-shirt. A smirked played on his full lush lips.

“Want a beer?” I asked, showing him the selection.

He pointed to one in the middle. As I leaned back over to give it to him, our eyes locked, my bra back on display for the other guys. His hand grazed mine, sending an electric shock through me. I blushed some more.

“Thank you,” he said, his voice smooth and deep, sending shivers down my spine.

I licked my lips. “You’re most welcome. Anyone else?”

A couple guys called out beers I was holding while others mentioned beers I didn’t have. I handed out the ones I had, bending over a little more than necessary to deliver them, thrilled at the attention my breasts were getting. I hobbled back to the kitchen and retrieved more beers, thinking this wasn’t so bad. The new guys seemed nice, the one was smoking hot, and my boyfriend was here keeping an eye on everything.

I returned with the beers and handed them out. When I went to hand one to my boyfriend, he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me onto his lap. I was a bit startled but went with it, allowing myself to settle on top of him with a nervous giggle.

The men chuckled at my predicament as my skirt raised dangerously high on my thigh, threatening to show off my thong. I went to smooth it down, to retain some semblance of dignity, but my boyfriend grabbed my other wrist to keep me from doing it.

My instinct was to struggle but I quickly reminded myself to let him be in full control, letting him restrain me as the men took in my long legs.

“Gentlemen, as I told you, Elle is here to see to our every need this afternoon. I won a bet last weekend and she has agreed to be my slave for the day. As a courtesy, I am extending this control over to you as well. Elle has fantasized about being controlled by a group of men and today’s her day to experience that. She’s not to talk unless spoken to and she’s already agreed to do whatever we say.”

I felt mortified as the men checked me out, taking in my exposed legs and my sudden shallow breathing. I couldn’t believe he outed me like that. I assumed he’d let the guys in on our bet but I didn’t think he would give them full control over me, too. 

Because I had agreed to obey him, I didn’t say a word while I took in his new command to not to talk unless spoken to. I tried to smile as the men started discussing all the perverted things they could order me to do, only half hoping they were kidding.

My boyfriend playfully grabbed my breast before pushing the thin fabric of my scoop neck tee over to expose my hot pink lace bra. My nipple hardened against the fabric, fully exposed to the guys through the lace. I felt my face redden as my boyfriend pushed the fabric down on the other side as well, leaving my bra fully on display.

“Great rack,” the other new guy said. “Are you sure you want to share?”

“Absolutely,” my boyfriend said. “This is what she’s here for today.”

I felt mortified and wanted to flee but at the same time I felt captivated and like every fantasy I ever had was about to come true. I knew I had crossed a line in the sand and if I went forward with this, there was no going back.

“You’re good with this, right, Elle?” my boyfriend asked me, mortifying me further.

I nodded. “Yes. I’m here to serve.”

With that he pushed me off his lap and slapped my ass. I assumed he didn’t want me touching my top so I left my bra out for them all to see, flush with embarrassment.

“Go check on the mushroom caps,” my boyfriend ordered. “And bring out more beer.”

I stumbled away trying to maintain as much composure as I could while wondering what the hell I had just agreed to. I heard the guys joking around the moment I left. One guy asked if my boyfriend was seriously ok sharing me and I distinctively heard him say yes, explaining how this was a fantasy of mine.

I was aroused beyond belief at the thought of being shared by these guys as I pulled the mushroom caps out of the oven and arranged them on a plate. I could feel the wetness between my legs, making me feel like a slut for being aroused by all this. For a split second I thought about escaping out the back door and forgetting this whole thing. I took in a few deep breaths as I considered it before coming to conclusion that if I didn’t do this now, I’d probably never do it.

With a renewed sense of purpose, I pulled a few beers out of the fridge, grabbed the mushroom caps and rejoined the guys in the front room. They whistled as I entered, encouraging me to put a little extra sway in my walk. 

I slowly placed the mushroom caps on the coffee table, bending at the waist, giving the guys a clear view of my barely contained breasts. My nipples hardened even more, straining against the thin fabric, as the guys clearly ogled them. A shiver of delight ran through me.

I licked my lips before passing out the beers, starting with David who was sitting on one of the chairs. He gave me a sly smile as he accepted it, his eyes on my breasts the whole time. He brushed the cool glass bottle against one nipple and smiled wider as I sharply inhaled. As I turned to pass out the other beers, he grabbed my ass, pushing my skirt up in the process, completely exposing my ass.

The guys laughed at my predicament. I had my hands full of beer, my ass and breasts hanging out, and could do nothing about it.

I turned to the sofa to finish handing out the beers as I felt David’s hand caress my ass. Not sure what to do, I stopped right in front of blue eyes who was watching me intensely. He blinked up at me as he accepted the beer I offered, his hand lingering by my nipple. He watched me as he moved his hand closer, the back of his hand grazing the nipple, sending an electric wave of pleasure through me.

David’s hand became more daring as it started to snake between my slightly parted legs. Blue eyes watched my reaction, my intake of breath, as I started to get more and more aroused.

Blue eyes put his beer down, never breaking eye contact with me, before reaching out and scooping both of my breasts out of my bra, leaving them on full display. I was stunned as he rubbed both nipples with his thumbs, circling them, sending waves of pleasure through me. I wanted to throw my head back and lean fully into it but instead bit my lip and closed my eyes, fully giving myself over to the intoxicating sensations rippling through me.

The hand up my skirt became more bold as it snaked its way to pussy. I knew I was dripping wet and was mortified as fingers brushed through my wetness. Blue eyes continued to torment my nipples, grazing them with feather light touches that was driving me wild. 

The game went on in the background, largely forgotten, as more hands joined in. I kept my eyes closed, too embarrassed to see who was doing what, and instead allowed myself to fully surrender to the moment.

A finger slipped into my wet pussy, startling me by its simple invasion. A tongue curled around one of my nipples before sucking it in while someone pinched my other one. My body was flooded with intense sensations, making me more aroused than I’ve ever been. I wasn’t sure how far my boyfriend would let them take this but I no longer cared. 

“She’s sopping,” I heard David say as he pushed another finger into my aching pussy. He started pumping his fingers in an out, putting pressure on all the right places, producing a steady rhythm that threatened to push me over the edge as waves and waves of pleasure washed through me.

My thong was pulled off, leaving me completely bare. The fingers worked in my pussy as a hand at my back pushed me forward at the waist. I opened my eyes to see myself level with blue eye’s large cock. I instinctively opened my mouth, eager to taste him, allowing him to slide in without a word.

I marveled at the thickness of him as I worked to wrap my mouth around him, taking him in as fully as I could, wanting nothing more than to please him. Someone smacked my ass as I started to suck him, another hand pulling my nipples, causing delicious discomfort.

“She’s amazing,” I heard someone say as the cock in my mouth pushed in deeper and deeper. “You’d better be careful or I’m going to try to steal her.”

I heard my boyfriend laugh. “You can try but she’s happy with what she’s got.”

The fingers in my pussy disappeared, leaving me feeling empty, before a thick cock pushed it’s way in. I was startled—I never thought it would go this far—but I did nothing to stop it. I had a cock in my mouth and now one in my pussy, both pumping into me at different rhythms, causing my body to flood with waves of pleasure and conflicting emotions. 

The cock pounded into me, his hands on my hips, pushing me fully into the cock in my mouth. I opened my throat, taking it all the way in, not knowing how I was doing it but I was doing it. Blue eyes groaned as he gripped my hair, propelling himself even deeper into me. He gave one last thrust before spilling himself down my throat. I drank it in, really having no choice, not daring to look at him as he drained himself in me before pulling out.

His cock was quickly replaced by another, this one not as long but thick. I had to stretch my mouth as wide as I could to accommodate it. The cock in my pussy continued to pound into me, building speed, as hands found their way into my hair and pulled. I felt overcome with sensation as they both fucked me, heat and crazy sensations flooding me, building.

I thought I was going to split in two as a brain shattering orgasm ripped through me, flooding the cock pounding into me.

“My God, that was incredible,” one of the guys said as the cock in my pussy pushed itself as deep as it could go before spilling itself inside me.

He pulled out, spilling my juices mixed with his semen down my legs, as the cock in my mouth gained momentum. Another cock slipped into my dripping pussy before I could even think, pushing itself deep inside me, wasting no time creating a driving rhythm.

Someone slapped my ass, telling me I was a good girl, as the cock in my pussy slammed into me like there was no tomorrow. 

With both cocks fucking me, more hands pinched and pulled my nipples. I felt like I was having an out of body experience. I was no longer my body. My body had become nothing more than a plaything, something to be fucked and used, abused and teased, and I was loving every minute of it. 

My body hummed with heat and electric charge as I gave myself over completely to all the overwhelming sensations and emotions. I was swimming in it, unsure if I ever wanted to surface.

The cock in my mouth spilled itself down my throat before the guy pulled out and gave my face a little slap. It didn’t hurt but startled me, causing me to open my eyes and see my boyfriend’s other roommate Jeff smirking at me.

“Thanks a lot, babe,” he said as he wiped the rest of his juices across my face.

The cock in my pussy continued to drill me with a steady rhythm. I realized with fresh embarrassment that I had no idea who was fucking me. My boyfriend stood off to the side grinning like mad as whoever was fucking me smacked my ass and continued to pound into me. I was surprised my boyfriend didn’t jump in on the action but then again he could have me whenever he wanted. 

I watched my boyfriend as the guy in my pussy continued to pound me, groping my tits, pulling on my aching nipples, wondering what he thought of all this. He wore a huge smile and was casually sipping his beer as he chatted up with blue eyes, looking proud that he had orchestrated all this.

The guy behind me groaned as he grabbed my hips and spilled into me. I didn’t have another orgasm (I wasn’t usually multi-orgasmic) and allowed myself to be pushed face first into the sofa with my ass in the air, feeling discarded like a used tissue. I felt expendable and like nothing and for whatever reason, it felt amazing, like it unlocked something deep inside me. I felt spent, liquid, dirty and deeply satisfied. 

The guy smacked my ass once more, thanking my boyfriend for the ride, telling him that we should do this again sometime. My mind spun as the reality of what had just happened began to sink in. I was dripping with cum on both ends, totally shattered, and the guys were back to watching the game like nothing happened.

My boyfriend came up to me and whispered in my ear, “Great job, Elle. Go get us more beers from the fridge. And don’t even think about cleaning yourself off. I want you like this for the rest of the night.”

Mortified, I pushed myself up, avoiding eye contact with the guys, feeling like a shameless slut covered in their cum, as I slipped back into the kitchen. I had no idea how I was going to get through the rest of the day but I put that out of my head as I grabbed their beers and returned to the front room. I was only here to serve, not think.