i am always in a state of research and exploration as I dive deeper into my erotica writing. here are some of my favorite things that I’ve discovered along the way.

i’m always open to learning more so don’t be shy to drop a comment below. if I like it, i’ll add it to the list.

the erotic shop

i got it in my head to start designing sexy t-shirts which morphed into designing the submissive planner. you can find them all at my etsy shop. if you have anything you’d love to see in the shop, please let me know (in the comments).

the submissive planner

the submissive planner is designed as a way for submissives to get clear about their wants, needs and desires while also establishing a daily and weekly routine that will help them grow deeper in their submission. this is the perfect gift for the submissive in your life or a valuable tool for any submissive to buy for themselves.

the erotic inner circle

i recently created the erotic inner circle as a place for subs, Doms and erotica writers to connect and deepen the conversation. i’ll also be sharing short erotica stories along with first chapters of my novels. it’s only in the baby stages but it’s quickly growing. be sure to join the fun.


i’ve become totally addicted to erotic hypnosis. it’s been an amazing primer for my writing. use with caution and read all disclaimers (on the videos) before watching. here are some of my favs.

mindlessly happy obedience
submission booster
bimbo slut training hypnosis
background brainwashing: slip into service and submission
slave hypnosis training background
good girls obey their lust
obedience mantra
slave obey with binaurals
obey loop

if you have some favorites of your own, please leave in the comments below. i’m always looking to expand my knowledge.

female submission

i love to read about submissive women and all the reasons why being a submissive woman is totally normal.

The realities of female inferiority and submission
Woman: Accept Reality and Take Your Place

domestic discipline

as i continue to explore my submissive side, i’m very intrigued by domestic discipline. here are a few of the favorite sites:

A Domestic Discipline Society – ton of resources here
Domestic Discipline Boot Camp
Domestic Discipline Contract Sample
Another Domestic Discipline Contract
Another Domestic Discipline Contract
Another Domestic Discipline Contract
Loving Discipline Life

sex slaves

i’m intrigued by consensual sex slaves.

how to be a good sex slave
code d’ odalisque – contemporary pleasure slaves