This story truly is quick and dirty. It’s something I wrote in 15 minutes then spent the next day and a half editing. Enjoy.

She closed her eyes and took the cock in her mouth. She savored the weight of it on her tongue, the pungent saltiness, as she opened her mouth wider to accommodate it. She knew she was there only to please. That was her place in life. 

She was a cum slut, an object. 

He had bought her at the auction only last week. She had put herself up for auction, signed all the contracts, wanting to lose herself for a while. She no longer wanted to worry about what others thought. She wanted to experience true surrender and freedom. She yearned for it the way she yearned for a cock stuffed down her throat. 

She didn’t care who bought her or how they used her. That wasn’t up to her. She was happy to give up that right the day she signed the contract to sell herself for three months. She had a deep seated belief that all women were merely play things for men and she wanted to take her rightful place on her knees. 

A pair of rough hands pulled her hair back, pushing the cock deeper down her throat as fingers pinched her nipples and slipped into her cunt. Before she could think, her ass was spread and a thick cock jammed itself into her sopping wet pussy, sliding in easily, impaling her fully. She grunted against the cock in her mouth. Both pumped into her at different rhythms, disorienting her, causing her to lose her mind. 

This is what she wanted: a pure escape from everything, to be nothing more than a set of holes aching to be filled. She was lost in it as the cocks continued to pump deeper into her. She was a fucking cum slut. She was only good for one thing. She wanted it all, all the cocks, all of them. 

She knew several men filled the room. They had blindfolded her when they brought her in, wanting to keep their identities a mystery. Her exposed nipples had hardened and her cunt had dripped at the thought of being used however they pleased. 

Of course they brought her in naked. They never allowed her to cover herself and she loved it. They had installed a metal collar around her neck, clasping it shut with a small lock, the day they bought her. Part of her wished they’d throw away the key and keep her in containment forever. She never wanted to take it off. 

They kept her in a small room at night with no bed and no windows, only a sisal rug and a bowl of water. She peed in the corner like an animal if she couldn’t hold it. They made her clean the room every morning on her knees with a scrub brush if she made a mess. 

They treated her like nothing, not allowing her to sit anywhere but on the floor. They would let her relieve herself in the vast yard which she was forced to traverse on her hands and knees. Sometimes she would lay out there in the sun, allowing the aches in her body to release as she dozed. They didn’t seem to mind her doing this or at the very least they hadn’t told her not to. She had learned quickly that she needed to follow orders explicitly or else their whip would find her ass, something she didn’t want to experience again. Thankfully they had only had to use it on her once. 

The cock in her cunt stuttered then stilled as it released itself into her. Its cum dripped down her legs as a new cock sank into her, this one thicker and longer than the last. Her walls stretched to welcome him, loving how completely he filled her. He pushed in deep before beginning to fuck her roughly.

Hands grabbed the back of her head as it pushed the cock in her mouth deeper down her throat. She opened up for it, gladly accepting it, happy to be there, happy to be used in this way. She was a fucking slut and she knew it. She wanted to be covered in cum, to be used incessantly, and then to be cast away like all sluts should be. She knew she was expendable so she strived to keep them all happy so they would have reason to keep her around. 

The cock in her mouth shuddered before it emptied itself down her throat. She drank in the cum, loving the way it warmed her throat, filling her. The cock pulled out and instinctively she opened her mouth wide, tongue out, wanting more. Another cock made no haste sliding into her waiting mouth, this one thicker but not as long. She widened her mouth to accommodate it. Drool streamed down her chin as the cock in her pussy continued to pound her. 

She closed her eyes behind the blindfold wishing it would never stop. She wanted it all. She deserved it all. This was all she was good for, the whole reason she existed. She wished all women could feel the way she did in this moment. Maybe then they would understand their true purpose in life and stop fighting it. 

Hands found her tits, pinching and pulling at tender nipples. The delicious pain radiated through her, making her even wetter, as the cocks continued to ravish her. Fingers found her ass, spreading it, slipping inside. One finger quickly turned into two. She squealed in pain but it was lost on the cock down her throat.

The cock in her mouth picked up its pace before pushing itself all the way in, spilling its hot seed down her throat. She sucked it dry, aiming to please. He patted her head as he pulled out. Before she could lick her lips, another cock slipped in. She pulled it in as deep as she could, her tongue circling its length, savoring it.

She clenched her pussy as the cock plunged into it again and again. She felt the pressure build low in her abdomen until it overcame her. Her cunt gripped down as she screamed into the cock flooding her mouth. She saw stars as the orgasm ripped through her. She thought she might pass out.

A hand slapped her ass before she felt the cock in her cunt empty itself inside her. She heard some words and some laughter but she was too gone to digest them. 

The cock in her mouth pushed in deeper, hands tangled in her hair, before spilling itself in her mouth and pulling out. She dropped to the floor exhausted and spent. A couple more hands slapped her ass and pinched her aching nipples. More words were mumbled into her ear but she didn’t care. She didn’t hear them. This was her life now. She was a cum slut.