they blindfolded me the moment i walked in, sending me into darkness. they secured my hands behind my back with cuffs that clicked together before ripping off my thin dress, leaving me standing before them in nothing but heels.

“she’ll do,” one of them said.

a rough hand grabbed one of my breasts and squeezed before slapping it. he pulled on one hardened nipple, twisting it slightly, making me want to squirm.

I kept my eyes closed even though they were blindfolded, sinking into myself. i hadn’t thought i’d come here. my best friend thought it was a bad idea but i felt pulled. there was something here for me and i wanted to figure out what it was.

someone slapped my face, startling me. someone grabbed both breasts and squeezed.

“turn her around.”

they spun me then pushed me forward, revealing my underside to their prying eyes. i flushed with embarassment as the blood rushed to my head. 

someone spread my ass cheeks while fingers slipped into my wet pussy. i tried squeezing down on them, almost in an attempt to keep them out, but they easily slid past my defenses, two fingers then three, stretching me.

a finger slipped into my ass while the ones in my pussy played with me. nothing felt overtly sexual, more like men examining their merchandise which was exactly what i was, but i couldn’t help becoming aroused from it all. it had been a long time since a man had touched me and my body ached to be used.

someone slapped my ass while the fingers casually played with me, in and out, slow circles, measuring my depths. someone came around and pulled on my nipples, sending waves of pain and pleasure through me.

“she’s fucking wet,” one man said. “a prize bitch. we should fuck her.”

“patience,” another said. “soon enough. right now we need to get this cunt ready for auction.”

the fingers abandoned me, slipping out. i felt my juices thick and heavy against my sex. i felt empty and wanting as they pulled me back into a standing position. i knew enough not to talk, not to engage. i wasn’t there for conversation. i wasn’t there for anything more than holes to be filled, to be for their pleasure.

part of me felt disappointed that they weren’t going to fuck me. i wanted to come in the worst way. need pulsed through me. my pussy ached to be filled but i had a feeling this was part of the build up, part of their plan.

someone grabbed my arm and pulled. i took this as my indication to walk. i felt like a prisoner on my way to who knew where but a prisoner of my own making. i choose to be here. i had said yes to their invitation.

they walked me for what felt like forever over concrete floors that clicked with every step. i had no concept of how many men were around me but i felt like more had joined us as we moved through the space.

i willed myself not to freak out as the gravity of what i was doing started to hit me. i had signed away my rights as woman for six months to discover what it felt like to be nothing more than property on Mr. Wood’s private island in the middle of nowhere. they promised not to do any permanent harm, emotionally or physically, but beyond that they could do anything they wanted to me.