what started out as a way to wish my husband happy birthday tomorrow turned into several hours of thinking up the most salacious and racy things i could do for him. i created a sexy submissive oriented coupon book for him complete with 50 different coupons – some that even push my boundaries.

i wanted to create something that would push myself outside of my comfort zone while also giving the reigns over to him 100%. i love the idea of him being completely in control. i’m a total submissive but i also have this need to be in control. i’m working on release my death grip on control and i thought giving him this coupon book tomorrow would go a long way towards getting me there. (read my previous blog about my need to control.)

here’s a little sneak peek of some of the cards included:

interested in your own copy? i just uploaded it to my etsy shop today. it’s available as an instant download so you can start having fun today!