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If you haven’t read Sweet Surrender or Sweet Submission yet, you’ll want to read those before diving into Sweet Obedience for a richer experience.


I smiled when I saw Annabelle walk into the kitchen wearing nothing but a green collar and a smile. She glowed, happiness beaming off her from being re-collared by Luke. Luke stood behind her in loose grey sweats, leaving his muscular chest bare, a wide smile on his face. 

Jealousy snaked through me. Even though Luke owned me, I wondered for how long. He had recently reclaimed Annabelle after she had struggled with their growing relationship. Even though it was common for men on the island to own several women, the relationship between Luke and Annabelle had always been different, stronger and more connected. They had fallen madly in love with each other which left me feeling left out. I was truly happy for them—they both found what they didn’t even know they were looking for—but I longed for the same type of connection.

I had wanted to squeal with delight when Master Grant had shown up with Annabelle last night. He had returned her after she left thinking Luke no longer wanted her. Her contract was up and she had decided it was better if she returned home. Thankfully, someone helped change her mind, encouraging her to give it one more chance.

My heart had hammered at the sight of Master Grant, one of the new trainers at the new training facility on the island. Mr. Wood had created it to help women new to the island transition to this lifestyle easier. He also wanted a place where women could obtain additional training. Annabelle and I had been sent there for a week to help them test out their new trainers and the whole set up. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Master Grant ever since.

I had been working on breakfast before they came down—an egg scramble with bacon and hash browns. I heard them when they woke from my bedroom next door and thought it’d be a fun surprise to cook breakfast for all of us. I had set the table in the dining room with Luke’s fanciest plates and had brought in flowers from the garden as a centerpiece. Luke’s place was rather simple, lacking in decoration, so I tried whenever I could to liven it up. He never commented but I liked how it looked.

“Good morning,” I said to them, my smile wide and genuine. “How’d you sleep?”

Annabelle blushed as Luke said, “Very well. Something smells delicious.”

“I made us breakfast,” I said, happy to please him. Even though my place in his household felt precarious with Annabelle back, I still wanted to please him. “Why don’t you two head into the dining room and I’ll bring everything out.”

“Do you want help?” Annabelle asked.

“No thanks,” I said. “I’ll be right in.”

I watched them as they rounded the corner to the dining room. I liked that you couldn’t see the kitchen from there. It made sense. Who wanted to see the mess in the kitchen while they ate?

I plated two servings and carried them into the dining room. Annabelle and Luke sat next to each other, making eyes at each other. They stopped talking when I walked in. I served them like I was a waitress at a restaurant but I didn’t mind. I put the plates in front of them before returning to the kitchen for Luke’s coffee and Annabelle’s herbal tea. The women weren’t allowed caffeine on the island for some reason. 

I returned with their drinks, setting them down in front of them. I smiled then came back into the kitchen for my helping. I debated staying in the kitchen, letting them have their space, but I decided against it since I had told them I made breakfast for all of us. I didn’t want them to think anything was wrong.

I returned to the dining room with my plate and a herbal tea for myself. I sat on the other side of Luke. Luke allowed us to sit on the furniture in his house so I didn’t hesitate to use the chair. Everywhere else on the island, women needed permission to sit on the furniture otherwise they had to stand or kneel. It was another way to remind the women of their place here.

“This is delicious,” Luke said once I settled into my chair. “Thank you for making it for us.”

“My pleasure,” I said, meaning it. “I figured you’d be hungry this morning.”

I caught the twinkle in Luke’s eye when I said that and smiled to myself. They hadn’t exactly been quiet last night or this morning as they reconciled again and again. Annabelle had always been Luke’s favorite since the day she arrived. Her stay was supposed to be temporary. Luke’s brother owned her but had sent her to Luke when he needed more time and space to accommodate his new acquisitions. Luke didn’t mind and when Annabelle was supposed to return to his brother, Luke fought for her to stay with him. It was a true love story and I knew they were meant to be together. Now I needed to figure out how I fit into all of this. I couldn’t come out and ask—women weren’t allowed to initiate conversation here—so I needed to wait and see.

“You outdid yourself,” Annabelle said. “Maybe you can teach me how to cook.”

“Of course,” I said. “It’d be my pleasure.”

I didn’t know how to cook when I arrived on the island but I had spent the past few months studying cookbooks and experimenting in the kitchen. Luke had been busy with Annabelle, leaving me a lot of time to play around different recipes. He didn’t seem to mind the increase in the grocery bill and had always given me a lot of freedom to do what I wanted. His only quirk was not allowing me the freedom to leave the house but lately, he’d been allowing me to do more of that, too. I would have gone mad with boredom if I hadn’t found some productive outlet for my time. We didn’t have access to TV or the internet, leaving only cooking, cleaning, reading and writing letters to family and friends.

We ate in silence for a few minutes. I felt the tension build in the room, squeezing my chest with its uncertainty. I savored each bite, not knowing my future, not knowing where I might be tomorrow. I had come to the island to explore this lifestyle and mindset. I had always considered myself submissive but had never had the chance to explore it. The few boyfriends I had over the years never did it for me. They played at dominating me but never in the way I needed. It always felt more like a game to them than a lifestyle. It wasn’t until I stumbled on an ad for the island that I felt I might have found my place in the world.

A group of men had created the island based on the belief that women would be happier submitting to men and being treated like property. The women lined up to come here and were compensated handsomely for their time as long as they stuck it out for their entire contract. Most contracts ran six months, including mine. It was long enough for women to shift their mindset and truly experience this lifestyle without it feeling like forever.

I had felt lost before I came here. I had just dropped out of college and was working at a bookstore, barely getting by, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Not only had the ad promised me enough money to buy me a year or two to figure out my life, but it also spoke to a deeper part of me that knew I needed to experience complete submission.

I told my parents I was volunteering for six months helping build schools for orphans in Haiti and wouldn’t be able to be in touch with anyone. Only a few friends knew the truth. My friends thought I was crazy but supported me in their way. Most thought I was going through some crazy phase and would work it out of my system by coming here. It reassured me knowing that my friends knew where I was in case things went sideways. But I had never felt anything but safe since arriving. 

Since the men on the island wanted the women to stay, they treated them well, almost like loving pets that sometimes needed to be disciplined. We signed our rights away as soon as we arrived, agreeing to become property and to relinquish the ability to own anything, including any salaries if we worked. We could leave at any time but we wouldn’t be compensated if we left early unless there was a legitimate reason. I liked having an exit option. It made staying easier and kept me from feeling trapped.

The women were auctioned off upon arrival, having no say in who acquired them. Now with the new training facility, the new women would spend a couple of weeks being trained before being auctioned off. I felt lucky to have been purchased by Luke right away. He had been new to the island, too, and his brother had encouraged him to acquire me. I didn’t know where the money went from the auctions but I assumed it went into maintaining the island. There was no official government here but there were strict rules and felt governed by the men who owned it. Every man seemed to also contribute to the island in some way, similar to a co-op.

Once purchased, the men gave their women collars that represented that they were owned along with what level other men could use them. I wore a black collar, allowing other men to use me without restriction, including fucking and punishing me. Annabelle wore a green collar, allowing other men to fuck her but without pain. 

Whenever we were with Luke, men asked his permission before using us. It was a sign of respect. The men needed to follow the collars’ restrictions or else risk being kicked off the island. The men took the rules seriously, not putting up with rule-breakers, which made me feel safer. I assumed they screened the men before they came to the island but it was reassuring that they kept a strict tab on the men, too.

I was lost in thought and almost didn’t hear Luke ask me if I wanted to join them into town today.

“Yes, I’d love to,” I said, hoping I hadn’t paused too much.

Luke gave me one of his charming smiles. “That’d be great. Wear one of your short dresses and join us in the family room in about 20 minutes.”

“Yes, Luke,” I said, my heart warming at being included. Luke didn’t want to be called master or sir or anything other than Luke like some of the men on the island but he still wanted acknowledgment when he spoke. “I’ll wash up here and be down ASAP.”

I cleared plates while Luke escorted Annabelle upstairs. It wasn’t unusual for Luke to mess around with Annabelle in front of me but since she came back yesterday, they had done everything behind closed doors, reinforcing the sense that my days in Luke’s household were numbered.

I put the dishes in the dishwasher and turned it on before slipping upstairs to my room. Annabelle and I had our own rooms upstairs, next to Luke’s. I enjoyed having my own space to retreat to. Luke had encouraged me to decorate it how I wanted. I mostly had postcards from my friends stuck to the walls with a few group shots of friends from the summer. I missed them but I was happy I came here. I needed this. I needed to experience this level of submission. I would have regretted it if I hadn’t come.