it must be the submissive in me but i’m totally obsessed with sexist ads. i know they’re not “right” and i feel bad for the women of the time who had to put up with them (like my mom) but there’s something about them that just turns me on. i believe 100% in equality for everyone and want everyone to live their best life but my fantasy world is obsessed with women being considered inferior to men. if you haven’t read any of my books yet (check them out), it’s evident this is what turns me on.

i’m sure you’ve probably seen them all before but i want to share a few of my favorites with you.

I love that she’s sitting around her house in a see-through negligee.
I hadn’t seen this one before but it’s super objectifying – how he’s hosing her down and the whole ad is comparing her to motor oil.
This classic shows how little women matter.
One of my favorites because of course it’s OK and expected for a husband to discipline his wife.
This one is a little more recent (70s) and tells it like it is. Note that she’s also naked.
It’s true that sex sells.
I love how she’s super subservient to her husband, like this is totally how it’s supposed to be.
Because of course a successful marriage depends on the wife’s ability to cook.
Make sure she’s working hard around the house!
This has to be my favorite because what man wouldn’t want this? I should seriously consider writing a how to guide like this. I know there are women out there who would LOVE to treat their man like this.

Please let me know your favorites. I know I’m not alone in this!! As a submissive woman, I love being objectified. It allows me to forget about having to figure everything out all the time and just give in to my natural instincts.