i started writing again in december. i wrote this while playing around and i think it could be the start of something more. i’d love to hear your thoughts. i have no idea where it’s going to go yet although i have some ideas. i love when i let the writing tells me where it wants to go.

She gave away everything. She wouldn’t be needing it. She had decided to go all in. Once she stepped out of the car, she knew her life would no longer be hers. Fear spiked through her but she knew it was the right decision. She had spent months pondering it, circling back around, questioning every aspect of it. She knew it sounded insane and her friends questioned her throughout her evaluation process but deep in her soul, she knew it was the right thing to do.

She stepped out of the car with confidence, her head held high. She had worn a breezy summer dress that belted at the waist. Buttons went up the front allowing for easy access. She knew she probably wouldn’t be wearing it for long.

A man in a dark suit greeted her at the door, taking her hand to lead her up the steps. She had worn heels as instructed, her favorite pair, and hoped she’d be able to keep them. They fit her perfectly, making her short frame seem longer, and gave her a punch of confidence that she knew she’d be needing moving forward.

The man guided her into an expansive entryway with a spiral staircase leading up to a second level, the banister thick iron. A massive crystal chandelier hung above their heads, shooting rays of light everywhere, making the space feel almost magical. She took this as a positive sign, like it was there to show her that she had made the right decision.

The man didn’t say a word before leaving her alone in the entryway. She had the innate understanding that she should wait. He hadn’t instructed her to follow and she knew better than to assume. They had sent her explicit instructions and an indication of what to expect. She knew that the moment she stepped into this massive house that she was no longer in control. She was told to be obedient and compliant, that they would teach her everything and would discipline her as needed. She had signed the papers in agreement, a thrill in her heart as she sent them. This felt right even while it felt crazy.

She waited for what felt like forever but she took the time to calm down and take in the surroundings. Several ornate frames hung on the walls showcasing oil painting portraits of various people that looked like they were painted hundreds of years ago. She knew this family went far back but she had no idea how far back they went. They were well known and she knew she was lucky to be standing there, being taken in, accepted. They didn’t accept just anyone. It had been a grueling entry process complete with several physical and psychological exams.

Her head jerked up as she heard heels clicking on the marble floor. An older woman dressed in a long flowy gown approached her. Her greying hair was swept away from her face, making her cheekbones appear even sharper than they were. She had piercing ice-blue eyes that took her in as she stood there waiting.

“You must be the new girl,” the woman said, not sounding particularly happy about it.

“Yes, I’m Anna,” I said, thinking she already knew that. “I’m happy to be here.”

“As you should be,” the woman said, her tone sharp. “Turn around.”

Not sure what to expect but also knowing I was expected to obey, I turned around, feeling funny having my back to her.

“All the way,” the woman said, clearly exasperated with me already.

I made a full turn until I was back facing her.

“Very well,” the woman said. “I guess you’ll be just as good as any other. Follow me.”

I followed her through the house, noting the lush furnishings as we moved through the living space to what felt like an old school library. A massive fire roared in a marble surround fireplace that took up most of one wall. Pictures hung everywhere, photographs this time, mostly black and whites, of various women. At first glance, I didn’t notice it but as I started to take them in, I saw that they all contained nude women with collars around their necks, some with leashes attached.

“Stand in the middle and take off that ridiculous dress,” the woman said.

I did as instructed, the heat rising up my chest as I undid the belt and all the buttons up the front of the dress. I let the dress slide off my shoulders then drop the floor. I hadn’t worn undergarments as instructed which left me completely nude except for my heels.

She looked me over, taking in every detail, as she circled me. She reached out and squeezed my ass then a breast, tweaking and pulling the nipple until I almost yelped.

“Not bad,” she said. “You’re better out of the dress. You won’t be needing it from now on. All our girls are kept nude at all times. You’ll get used to it soon enough. It’s part of your training but also will be part of your life from now on. Clothes for our girls aren’t necessary.”

I swallowed down the fear that threatened to climb up. I hadn’t thought about it that way. I knew I’d be kept nude most of the time but hadn’t considered I might not be allowed clothes at all.

She picked up my dress and threw it into the fire. I watched as the flames licked at it, a symbol of my old life slipping away. This was it. The reality hit me full force, almost taking my breath away. I was in it now. I knew there was an escape clause allowing me to leave at any time but with having nothing to go back to and having wanted this for so long, I knew I wouldn’t be using it. I needed to stick it out.

“There we go,” the woman said. “That’s done. You’ll be meeting my son Trent at some point. He’s the main trainer here but for now, I’ll have one of the girls show you to a room. Tonight you’ll stay in what’s called the guest room. Tomorrow you’ll be moved so don’t get used to it.”

With that, she left, leaving me naked in front of a fire that just engulfed my only clothes.