she stepped into the bar unsure what to expect. she held her breath as she looked around, almost not wanting to see him there. there was something about him that intrigued her, that made her think naughty thoughts, that made her want to push boundaries and she wasn’t sure she was ready for that. but of course there he was, sitting at the bar as promised, looking handsome and cut in his taylor fitted dark navy suit, his dark hair a little too messy like he had been running his hands through it, as if he was nervous, too. that thought gave her heart a little jolt. she didn’t think of him as being the nervous type.

she tried not to bite her lip as she moved closer to him, sure all the eyes turned to watch her like she might fall or something. she laughed at herself, always thinking people would think the worst of her. she knew she looked elegant in her form fitted black dress that showcased her slim shoulders and hinted at her ample cleavage. no man had ever complained when he finally got to see the goods and she knew she shouldn’t worry about what other people thought anyway but she always did.

he turned as if he sensed her, holding her with his steady gaze, making the room melt away around her as she moved closer. she held her breath, unsure and unsteady, not sure she was ready for what he was offering but here she was, showing up anyway.

“you look gorgeous as always,” he said as she closed the gap between them. his eyes didn’t leave hers as he said it and she felt seen in a way she never had before. she blushed under his gaze, wanting to turn away and refuse his compliment but she didn’t dare do such a thing. he would see it as an insult to his taste and she didn’t want to do that. instead she said “thank you” and left it at that.

he motioned for her to take the bar stool next to him which surprised her. she thought they would go straight to dinner or even straight to his room upstairs but she took his offering and slid onto the stool, her dress rising up her thighs to show him more of her. she watched as his eyes grazed her body, taking her all in as if he were devouring her already, knowing that she would soon be his completely.

“i’ve taken the liberty of ordering you a drink,” he said, moving what looked like a gin and tonic towards her. “if you’d like something else, please let me know. i’ll order you whatever you want but i remember you mentioning this being your favorite.”

she had once and it surprised her that he remembered. she picked up the drink and sipped it. “thank you. it is my favorite. thank you for remembering.”

“of course,” he said. “i remember everything you say.”

she blushed again. of course he did. he had that photographic memory or maybe he just paid special attention to her. the thought made her warm, as if the blush crept along her skin.

she took another sip, enjoying the crispness of the drink on her tongue. she wanted to be coy, to play the roll, but she knew she’d be hopeless at it. besides, he seemed to like her how she was. she didn’t need to pretend to be anyone else.

he clinked his glass to hers. “cheers, my dear. to an amazing night ahead.”

she smiled. “yes, to an amazing night.”