she gave up everything she had. she knew it was the right choice but it still scared the crap out of her. she knew there was no going back. she had signed over her rights, given up everything she owned and burned a few bridges in the process. she had nothing to go back to so the only way was forward even if it scared her to death.

he tightened the heavy metal collar around her neck, clicking it into place with a tiny key he tucked into his pocket. they had already stripped her, shaved every inch of her bare, including the hair on her head. they said it was easier to maintain her this way. she shivered at the thought but thankfully there were no mirrors around, nothing to show her in her new state, and she felt better about it that way.

“only speak when spoken to,” he said, “otherwise you are simply here for ornamentation. the men, of course, will want to use you and use you they will. you’re fresh meat so expect a lot of attention at first but then you’ll soon fade into the background. enjoy it while you can.”

she kept her eyes lowered as she had been taught, the thought of being used thrilled her, the whole reason she agreed to this craziness in the first place. she had always secretly wanted to give up full control of herself, of her body, giving herself fully over to another. when her friend had mentioned this place, had talked about her other friend that had come here and loved it, meeting a man she fell madly in love with, she knew she had to try it. her contract was only for six months, enough time to experience it but not long enough to feel like it was forever. but after six months, she had no where to go, no where to return to, nothing waiting for her. she guessed she’d figure it out when the time came. maybe she’d be lucky and fall in love, too, although judging from what she experienced so far, she doubted it’d be a possibility.

he covered her eyes with a thick blindfold and fastened her hands behind her back with leather cuffs as if she were a prisoner. she supposed in a way she was even if a prisoner of her own doing.

“it’s better this way,” he said as he clicked the cuffs into place behind her back. “the less mobility you have, the less apt you’ll be to try to fight anything. allow yourself to give into the moment and enjoy it as much as you can. no one will physically hurt you, it’s not that kind of place, but it may be uncomfortable at times. have you ever taken more than one cock at once?”

she shook her head.

he laughed. “well, that’s too bad because the men here love double or even triple teaming the girls. but you’ll get used to it. the men know to use lots of lube.”
she swallowed down the huge ball of nerves that threatened to overtake her. she had sex plenty of time but only one person at a time. she had always wondered what it’d be like with more than one person but hadn’t found the opportunity to try it.

“ready?” he asked as if she had the option to say no.

when she didn’t respond, he just laughed and secured a leash to her collar, pulling her along.