she walked in the door and smiled as soon as she spotted him. he was sitting in the far corner away from all the action, a smirk on his face. she knew by the nearly empty drink sitting in front of him that he had been waiting a while. she liked that. she liked the thought of him waiting for her, wondering if she would show up.

she crossed the room slowly, taking in the appreciative glances as she moved, every step purposeful. she knew the silver shimmery dress she wore hugged her curves in all the right places and left little to the imagination. the deep v neck in the front showcased her moderate cleavage,

it didn’t take long until she was standing in front of him. she watched as his eyes went up and down her body slowly, a smile on his lips that made her know that he liked what he saw. he pulled out the chair next to him while remaining seated. he didn’t bother with words and somehow she knew he wouldn’t. 

she slid into the chair, feeling confident with her decision to come. she usually second guessed herself but tonight was different. tonight she knew what she wanted.

he waved to the passing waiter and motioned to his drink then motioned to her. the waiter nodded and went to the bar. he must have told him what she would be drinking or maybe the waiter simply knew. it didn’t matter to her one way or the other. she would drink whatever was set in front of her. she knew that was part of the game, part of her acceptance at being here. she was no longer the one in control.

his gaze never left hers as she took him in. he wore a dark suit that looked like it was made for him. it hugged his muscles and made her itch to touch him. he exuded confidence, like he was a man not to be messed with. she knew the day she met him that they would come to this. somehow she could tell by the way he took her in, the intensity of his eyes, the way he said her name, as if he had already claimed her and it was a full done conclusion.

he wasn’t surprised when she agreed to come here. and he probably wasn’t surprised when she walked through the door. she had been late on purpose, wanting him to wait for her, to wonder. she didn’t want to be that easy. she wanted to challenge him like she was sure that he would challenge her. she wanted the game. she wanted it all but she knew the likelihood of that was slim. but she would take what she could get in the meantime. let it be what it was.

the waiter returned with the drinks – a refill for him and something in a wine glass for her. she smiled at the waiter as a way of thanks and lifted the glass to him to cheers. he clinked his glass against hers and smiled, taking a sip of his drink. she inhaled the dark amber liquid in her glass before taking a tentative sip. it burned on her tongue and tasted much stronger than wine. she set it back down on the table, knowing she’d have to take it easy with that.