he tightened the blindfold around her eyes, blocking out the chaos of the room.

“this will help,” he whispered into her ear. “i don’t want you distracted. i want you fully in the moment, fully present. can you do that?”

she nodded.

“words, my love,” he said.

“yes, sir,” she said, her voice wavering.

he knew this would be challenging for her but still here she stood, waiting for him to guide her. he had slowly worked her up to this moment over the past few months, pushing her little by little, expanding her comfort zone, allowing for this moment to happen. he didn’t want to spook her, that wasn’t his intention, but he knew that she wanted a lot more than the life she was leading. he needed to push her, to help her to open up and to expand into the woman she was meant to be.

“do you trust me, my love,” he whispered so just only she could hear him.

“yes, sir,” she said, her voice a whisper back.

he smiled. she was ready.

he stepped back and surveyed her. she wore a simple black dress that skimmed her voluptuous body, showcasing her ample curves and her generous cleavage. she wore her more simple collar. he had asked her to choose which one she wanted to wear tonight and he was pleased when he saw it. it didn’t scream submission but it was enough. everyone at the club knew what it meant and that’s all that matter. she was his. taken. no one would touch her without his command.

the club had filled up since their arrival, almost overwhelming her. he could see the fear begin to build in her eyes. he knew it was expected that she would be nervous but he wanted to quiet that fear, to take it back to just him and her. thus the blindfold. it would help soothe her, keep her focused on only him. he knew she trusted him and he would do whatever he could to keep her safe always.

a few men gave him an appreciative nod as he continued to study her. everyone knew in the club that you couldn’t touch someone else’s property without permission and he appreciated that rule. he knew he’d be asked many times throughout the night but for now no one approached him. they all sensed her nervousness as she stood stiffly among the growing party.

part of him wanted to let her stand there a while, wondering, anticipating. he knew she loved the build up and being kept off center. he liked to come up with new ways to expand her, to open her up. and during her training she had come to want to please him which helped in his plan.

after what felt like forever but was only a few minutes, he approached her. he trailed a light touch over her shoulder and down her arm, taking his time, appreciating the way she shivered despite the warmth of the room.